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Women Car Buyers and Auto Professionals Get Savvy Advice, Now Available in 12 Languages at

Riverside, California (PRWEB) October 23, 2006 –-

Deanna Cross announced today that (, “a site that offers savvy advice for women auto consumers and career professionals,” has been upgraded with the latest ability to translate the Web site in 12 different languages. Cross, president of The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC and creator of is a nationally recognized expert on advising women on how to buy and sell a car in today’s world.

“We are excited to have the language barrier removed for some of our non English speaking women visitors from around the world,” says Cross. “ offers a wealth of knowledge that is educating, empowering and enlightening for all women.”

“Our motto is ‘Empowerment in Motion’,” states Cross who aims to make her site “an informational source giving women, and now to include women of different cultures who speak at least one of the 12 languages, the tools and techniques they need to make an educated car purchase with a simple and pleasant experience at the dealership.” has translations available in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese, to list just a few.

For additional information on please contact Patricia Cross, director of public relations at 888-270-3433 or visit .


Established in 2004,, a first time ever site, is dedicated to women auto consumers, women auto professionals and women who are thinking about a career in the auto retail and finance industry. aims to unite women in order to change the way they buy and sell cars in today’s world. With entertaining Mini Movies for the viewer’s learning experience, the site also has the ability available for viewers to translate the web site in 12 languages. shows women:

    how and where they can research their credit

    how to obtain financing

    how to choose the right vehicle for them

    how to determine the right price for their trade-in

    relevant laws and regulations

    the latest deals on cars and hot aftermarket accessories

About Deanna Cross

Deanna Cross is the president of The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC, and the creator of She is certified by The Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals and a member of Women in Cable Telecommunications. An advocate and auto expert in training and giving advice to auto consumers and professionals, Cross has helped thousands of women with car purchasing and car credit in her 25 year career in automotive retail and finance. Cross is amongst the first women to work in the auto retail and finance industry in Northern California. Cross is also fluent in Spanish.

About The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC

Created and owned solely by women, The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC creates Web sites that converge with television channels, broadcasting media channels, books, newspaper and magazine columns, CDs and DVDs. Their mission is to provide entertaining educational material for self improvement, self confidence, motivation and the advancement in personal growth of individuals and social groups. The premier production is


Patricia Cross

Director of Public Relations

The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC

31500 Grape Street, Suite 3-185

Lake Elsinore, California 92532




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