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Auto insurance by city and zip

Like seat belts, antilock brakes, air bags and crumple zones, Denver insurance is a built-in safety feature designed to keep drivers safe and futures financially secure. All of these features are designed to prevent and reduce injuries and deaths. Insurance coverage does that also by allowing the driver and car owner to survive accidents and legal obligations when necessary. These legal requirements may be repairing vehicles, paying hospital and doctor bills or providing hundreds of thousands of dollars for pain, suffering and death. As Colorado requires all drivers to have insurance, this makes life safer for everyone.

Automobile engineers work hard to make vehicles safer. Two such inventions are the seatbelts and an anti-locking braking system. The seatbelts protect all people in the vehicle by keeping people in their seats when accidents happen. The three-point design includes the lap belt and shoulder belt; the lap belt locks the hips down while the shoulder belt immediately tightens and keeps up upper bodies and faces from striking hard surfaces like the dashboard or seatbacks. Antilock brakes give drivers more control as the system automatically pumps the braking system to keep the car from locking wheels and going into a slide. Drivers are able to concentrate on steering the vehicle while this system, called ABS, helps control wheels.

Adding air bags and crumple zones to cars and trucks protect the passengers and reduce the cost of Denver insurance. Airbags are pillows of air that deploy when certain things happen pushing themselves against drivers and passengers to reduce the impact of accidents. Originally, only for drivers and passengers, newer designs include side and roof airbags providing even more protection in reducing injuries. Crumple zones are weak spots engineering into the car design. These zones around the passenger compartment allow the vehicle to crunch up while protecting people.

Denver insurance protects the future for both drivers and car owners if someone else is driving the vehicle. In July of 2003, Colorado’s no-fault automobile insurance was eliminated. Now the negligent person pays for the damage. The state requires drivers have minimum liability coverage of ,000 per person, ,000 per accident and ,000 for property damage. Most people are not able to pay the cost of someone’s medical treatments or repairing an expensive sports car without financial assistance; automobile insurance provides that help.

Five major automobile safety features are seatbelts, antilock brakes, airbags, crumple zones and Denver insurance. The first four of these come with the automobile; the fifth one is required by the state of Colorado and helps the drivers and automobile owners have a better financial future. For the small cost of an insurance premium, the insurance company will write the big checks keeping drivers safe from shocking future financial obligations.

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