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Auto insurance by city and zip

If you are involved in a car accident, the first thing you need to do is call a Denver Car Accident Attorney. Do not under any circumstances sign anything or say anything to anyone until you have taken this step; it could mean the difference between getting just compensation for your injuries and loss and getting nothing. Fortunately, retaining the services of a Denver car accident attorney will not cost you anything out-of-pocket.

Why a Denver Auto Accident Lawyer? Here was the idea: when Benjamin Franklin developed the modern American insurance industry, it was meant to protect individuals and provide them with the means to restore their losses if the worst should happen. Here’s the current sad reality: for the last thirty years during which regulations have been dismantled and oversight lacking, insurance for many predatory corporations have become nothing more than a “cash cow.” This means that insurers (many of whom are in unrelated businesses such as investment banking and mortgage lending as well) will find any legal excuse to deny claims that would cut into their precious “bottom line.” The ideal Denver auto accident lawyer is one who is familiar with how Corporate America puts the screws to ordinary citizens and knows how to fight – and win. Often, this type of

Denver personal injury lawyer has actually worked for the industry. The King of Torts It’s important to understand Denver Auto Accident Lawyer are also Denver personal injury lawyers. This is to say that in terms of the law, being the victim of an auto accident is the same as being someone who has been injured by a defective product or was mauled by someone else’s vicious dog. These types of personal injuries fall into the legal realm of torts, which is the body of law as it relates to non-criminal actions that result in injury and/or property loss due to negligence; it is the area in which a Denver personal injury lawyer specializes. The difference is that a Denver personal injury lawyer has the additional training and experience not only in dealing with the large corporate conglomerates that pass for insurance companies today, but are also knowledgeable in in motor vehicle law. It is this additional experience that maximizes your chances of getting the compensation to which you are entitled with a Denver car accident attorney. It Costs You Nothing Because Denver car accident attorneys want to see justice done, they will typically take your case on a contingency basis – meaning that his/her fee is taken as a percentage of your award. This also means that the Denver auto accident attorney receives nothing if s/he is unable to win your case. Therefore, such a Denver personal injury lawyer is very motivated to succeed on your behalf. Remember that insurers will use any excuse to escape responsibility – so be certain that you have a Denver car accident attorney on your side from the start.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about the perfect Denver Auto Accident Lawyer.

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