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RM Tracking Was Recently Named’s Preferred Vendor

Teen Safety Program

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) April 2, 2008 has announced RM Tracking, a provider of GPS tracking systems, as a Preferred Vendor, and in return RM Tracking is offering customers a generous discount on their teen tracking devices. RM Tracking is the recipient of this honor because of the positive impact the provider’s products can have on teen driver safety, and this partnering through the Teen Safety Program is expected to save many young drivers’ lives. Due to the increased accountability a tracking system places on teens, young drivers are less likely to drive recklessly, speed excessively, and engage in other risky behaviors on the road, which greatly decreases the risk of being in an accident. In fact, many states offer lower insurance rates to teen drivers who have a GPS vehicle tracking system installed because of the reduced risk of accidents that can cause costly damage and serious injuries.

The leading cause of death among teens is auto accidents, claiming approximately 6,000 young lives a year. This is attributed to teen drivers’ inexperience and immaturity, leading to risk-taking and dangerous behavior, including speeding. Passengers in the car provide distractions from the road as well, and young drivers’ inexperience in dealing with these situations as well as peer pressure to take risks often cause accidents. However, teens tend to make better decisions when under the supervision of a parent or, when that’s not possible, while being monitored by a GPS teen tracking device that displays their driving habits to their parents.

Teen Driver Insurance is a web portal where parents can find a local insurance agent that is specifically trained and dedicated to helping parents make their teens safer drivers and protecting their assets. One way in which they protect these families is by encouraging them to take a number of precautions that can limit risk, one of which is installing a GPS tracking device from RM Tracking. Clients who implement safety devices such as a tracking device to monitor their teens’ driving habits can receive substantial discounts on auto insurance, which can be elevated greatly when there’s a teen driver in the home. RM Tracking’s high quality RMT Rover Teen Tracker operates flawlessly with RM Tracking’s state-of-the-art NavIQ software that tracks the device’s location in real-time and monitors speed, seat belt usage, and much more. It is because of RM Tracking’s Teen Safety Program and their first-rate software that chose the company as a Preferred Vendor. clients can now visit to receive substantial discounts on a Rover or other GPS tracking system.

About RM Tracking:

RM Tracking provides a variety of GPS devices for teen tracking, personal tracking, car tracking, fleet tracking, and more. Ranging in size and with a variety of different functions, RM Tracking’s devices can be used in any situation. From tracking teens’ driving habits to monitoring the whereabouts of a shipment, all information is in real time and shows both the location as well as the speed of the device. The GPS devices have a strong enough signal that they work both indoors and outdoors, and some models are small enough to easily slip inside your pocket. For more information about these products or teen driver safety, visit

About is a website that provides parents with all the tools and information they need to help them get through this trying time as a parent. The website is chocked full of valuable safety and protection tools including a Parent/Teen Driving Contract, FREE 12 Step Safe Teen Driving Course and much more. Parents can find a local agent that is trained and certified to be a Family Insurance Specialist. Teen Driver Insurance agents are committed to educate parents on how they can make their teens safer drivers and protect their families’ assets should a lawsuit arise from an accident caused by their teen driver. endorses RM Tracking’s Teen Safety Program. To find a Family and Teen Driver Protection Specialist in your area, go to



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