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Apartment and condominium dwellers are susceptible to the accidents caused by other people living in very close proximity.  A kitchen fire three floors away can result in damage to personal property as the fire spreads, and the water that is used in the attempt to extinguish it.  Without renter’s insurance in Colorado Springs, the belongings will be lost without the owner having a way to recover the expense of replacing anything.  Building insurance will cover the loss incurred by the owner of the facility, but the cost of replacing belongings, additional living expenses, and any liability that would cover the renter is not covered except by a renter’s insurance policy.

Whether personal belongings are destroyed by fire, lightning, wind, hail, or explosion, the standard renter’s insurance policy will pay to replace the contents of the residence.  Loss caused by theft, vandalism, riot, and malicious mischief are also covered without additional policy riders having to be purchased.  When too much ice and snow accumulates and causes the building to collapse, personal belongings will be replaced under the policy benefits.  If a power surge causes damage by starting a fire, most of the contents are covered, but if the electricity causes internal damage to electronic equipment, replacement of that equipment is not paid for through the standard renter’s insurance policy in Colorado Springs.

Within the standard coverage verbiage written in the insurance paperwork, provision for temporary living expenses is included.  Many apartment complexes that are damaged by fire will take more than a year to rebuild so the insured is encouraged to simply move to another complex.  If a minor problem causes the resident to need a short stay in a hotel, the policy coverage will pay the expenses.

When a friend falls and suffers an injury inside the apartment, the standard renter’s insurance in Colorado Springs will cover the expenses incurred up to the policy limit.  Even if the injured person decides to sue the insured, the policy will cover the court costs and the settlement amount up to the stated policy limits.

Renter’s insurance premiums vary by the attributes of the coverage including whether the payout is based on actual value or replacement cost.  The policy that pays the replacement cost of the belongings will be slightly more expensive.  Carrying a higher deductible can lower the premium, but the renter must know for sure that the deductible is affordable.  Certain locations will raise the premium for the policy because of risk levels within the neighborhood.  In higher crime areas, insurance companies will charge higher premiums to cover incidents that are more frequent.  Earthquake and flood damage are not covered under standard renter’s insurance, but both types of coverage can be purchased under special policies.  Research the area and make the effort to find a reputable insurance company and then purchase adequate coverage for your personal belongings.

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