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New Teleseminar From HSA for America Helps Consumers Understand Health Savings Accounts

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) November 9, 2006

Over 3 million people are now covered by health insurance plans that work with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and many more are rushing to sign up for one before January 1 in order to lock in their tax savings for 2007. Because these plans are still relatively new, there is still some confusion about how they work. So HSA for America is putting on a teleseminar titled, “Is an HSA Right For You?”. The teleseminar is scheduled for Friday, November 10 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.

“This teleseminar is designed to help the person who is purchasing their own individual or family health insurance plan make an informed decision” said Wiley Long, President of HSA for America. “Because of the lower premiums, the tax savings, and the potential to save for future medical expenses, HSA plans have become extremely popular among people who are buying their own individual plans. Callers will learn how HSA plans work, how to calculate their premiums, and how to calculate their income tax savings.”

Health Savings Accounts are special tax-favored accounts where anyone with a qualifying high deductible health insurance plan can put aside tax-free money to pay for future medical expenses. The money can be used for virtually any type of medical expense, and money left in the account rolls over and grows tax deferred like an IRA. The teleseminar will cover:

– How HSA plans compare to conventional co-pay health insurance

– How to use your HSA to build a Medical Retirement Account

– How an HSA can make all medical expenses tax-deductible

– When an HSA can be used to pay for alternative care like acupuncture or homeopathy

– The types of HSA-qualified health insurance plans available

– How to choose a plan and apply for coverage

– How to establish a health savings account

The HSA for America teleseminar is offered to registered participants at no charge. For more information about the Health Savings Account Teleseminar and how to sign up, visit:

HSA for America is the nation’s leading independent health insurance firm specializing in individual and family coverage that works with a Health Savings Account. Through our comprehensive website we offer complete information on HSAs and qualifying health insurance plans. We offer instant quotes, online health insurance applications, and access to several banks that can act as an HSA administrator for your account. Visit for complete information.


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