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New GPS Device Will Instantly Catch Car Thieves

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) February 10, 2005

According to FBI statistics, over 1.2 million vehicles were reported stolen in the U.S. in 2003. If the trend holds true, this figure increases every year. This means a vehicle is stolen every 25 seconds. Will these thieves ever be caught?

Now available to the public is a Global Positioning System (GPS), which will catch these criminals in the act. Unfortunately, the police only recover a small percentage of stolen vehicles, and usually not without damage to the vehicle. Now a citizen can help the police recover their vehicle within seconds of the theft.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc., one of the world’s leading distributors of Vehicle Tracking Systems, has added an amazing new model of GPS to the market. Now available, the LandAirSea 7100 Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Recovery System will instantly track the location of a stolen vehicle.

Using the latest satellite and web-based technology, the 7100 will track a vehicle from the comfort of ones own home or office. For only 25 cents (and no monthly fees), the user can know where the vehicle is and even disable the engine – simply by logging into the Internet! The 7100 also offers the ability to give notification if the vehicleÂ?s airbag is deployed or if the alarm is activated.

Most GPS Real-Time Tracking Systems are tracked through a cellular service locking a user into a contract with monthly fees. The 7100 is unique because there are no minimum usage requirements. Tracking from the Internet provides a more affordable, reliable, and user-friendly service! The 7100 offers live tracking, including: location, speed, direction of travel, date & time. The maps and activity reports provide detailed information about a vehicles travel activities.

The 7100 empowers an individual with the latest technology that once only the police used and the wealthy could afford. Now one can be assured that if their vehicle is stolen, they can recover it without spending a fortune, increasing their insurance rates, or forever losing their valuable assets.

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