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Medicare Open Enrollment Begins in 3 Weeks

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) November 2, 2009

The Medicare will be undergoing major changes in 2010, which are prompted, in part, by a $ 247 billion healthcare bill that will reduce Medicare pay-outs to healthcare providers. In anticipation of this bill, the Medicare program has already begun implementing wide-sweeping changes within its programs. These changes will affect current Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare programs as well as individuals who plan to enroll in Medicare programs in the future.

During the annual Medicare Open Enrollment period, which begins on November 15 and ends on December 31, 2009, many beneficiaries will need to make adjustments to their individual Medicare accounts as a consequence of the broader changes to the Medicare program.

Medicare beneficiaries should gain as much information as possible about the Medicare changes that will directly impact them. For some Medicare beneficiaries, these changes will require them to change plans altogether because their current plans will be eliminated. For other beneficiaries, it may be important to modify their Medicare plans in response to Medicare coverage cutbacks.

“The policy of every Medicare beneficiary in America will be affected by the changes to the Medicare system,” said Wiley Long, President of MediGap Advisors. “These changes will go into effect in 2010, which means that Medicare beneficiaries may need to adapt their unique Medicare plans to those Medicare changes now if they want to continue to receive the same kind of coverage next year that they have this year. It’s extremely important that every Medicare beneficiary take time now to make sure that they have enrolled in the best Medicare options for their needs for the coming year.”

MediGap Advisors agents are expecting a larger-than-average increase in client communications as the annual Open Enrollment period nears as clients seek information about the changes and enroll in Medicare Supplemental insurance coverage. “We’re here to make sure that all of our clients have the right information they need to make informed decisions,” said Long. “There are many changes to the Medicare system that can be very complicated to understand. Our MediGap agents are skilled at helping to explain each of these changes to our clients – and then to help our clients get the best Medicare solutions for their health, financial, and lifestyle needs. Sometimes that means enrolling in a Medicare Supplemental insurance policy that can cover many of the Medicare gaps. Other times, that might mean signing up for a flexible Medicare Advantage plan. Whatever solutions our clients prefer, we’re here to help them get it affordably.”

After the annual Medicare Open Enrollment period ends on December 31, 2009, Medicare beneficiaries will be locked into the Medicare plans they have selected until the 2010 Open Enrollment period begins. For that reason, it is essential that Medicare beneficiaries spend time now reviewing the many changes to the Medicare program and determining which plans are best suited for them. Medicare participants are welcome to contact MediGap Advisors for more information about changes to the Medicare program or for more information about MediGap Advisors solutions.

More About MediGap Advisors

MediGap Advisors is one of the nation’s leading Medicare Supplement insurance providers. Their plans are affordable and straight-forward, providing cost-effective and easy solutions for families that need more healthcare coverage than is provided by Medicare. Customers can choose from one of 10 different Supplement plans that are designed to meet their varying needs. All MediGap Medicare Supplement plans come complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee to make getting the right Supplement plan hassle-free and worry-free.

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