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InsureMe — Insurance as Entertainment?

DENVER (PRWEB) October 24, 2006

Citing a desire to provide consumers with insurance news and tips without boring them to tears, InsureMe, an online service that helps people save money on insurance, recently began broadcasting weekly videos from the company’s blog.

According to InsureMe employee James Omdahl, who directs and edits the short videos, they are meant to both inform and entertain, providing viewers with shopping tips, timely insurance news and the occasional non sequitur.

“We have a really small budget—no budget, actually—and what some might call a dry subject, but despite the long odds, I think we’ve made some great videos,” says Omdahl, whose official position is affiliate manager. “They’ve got a good balance of informative content and sheer silliness.”

The short news videos, called “Insurance Blog Wrap-Ups,” are anchored by Megan Mahan, a copywriter for the company. “She’s living proof that edgy and spunky aren’t mutually exclusive,” Omdahl says, adding that Mahan is a composite of Katie Couric, Jon Stewart and Edward R. Morrow.

One recent Insurance Blog Wrap-up dealt with annuities, life insurance and cigarette smoking bans. The three-minute video also closed with a one-person reenactment of the Boston Tea Party.

InsureMe statistician and novice actor Peter Deusterman depicts the seminal event by throwing a single tea bag into a nearby pond. The short and affecting performance has a certain postmodern flair, with Deusterman wearing jean shorts, aviator sunglasses and a mullet wig.

“If our viewers learn something about insurance, we’ll be happy,” says Omdahl. “If they learn something and laugh a little, we’ll be delighted.”

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About InsureMe

InsureMe links agents nationwide with consumers shopping for insurance. InsureMe also hosts several blogs to encourage free flow of information about the industry and the InsureMe company. InsureMe has helped millions of consumers find insurance coverage, while providing thousands of insurance agents with leads nationwide.


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