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If you live and work in the Denver metro area and have been involved in an auto collision in which you have sustained injuries – or even simply lost property – you need the services of a Denver car accident lawyer. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is that Denver car accident lawyers are trained to protect your rights. You can legally act as your own Denver auto accident attorney if you wish (the word “attorney” simply refers to any legally-appointed representative, regardless of training or credentials), but this is not wise. A trained, licensed Denver car accident lawyer  has vast experience in tort (personal injury) law, and is far better able to deal with insurance companies.

How Do Denver Car Accident Lawyers Help Their Clients?

The problem when a layperson attempts to act as their own attorney is that s/he is usually unaware of their rights and responsibilities in the case. Tort law can be highly complex, which is why Denver car accident lawyers spend several years studying such laws as well as case findings and ideally, the workings and machinations of the insurance industry. In fact, your best bet is to hire a Denver car accident lawyer who has had experience representing insurance companies and other corporate entities. This individual will have “inside knowledge” of how the “Dark Side” operates, which they can use on your behalf as a plaintiff.

Against Whom Is Action Brought?

If the person responsible for the accident is uninsured, your Denver auto accident lawyer would name this person as the defendant. Otherwise, the action would be filed against the responsible party’s insurer; if the vehicle and person named as defendant were owned by and/or acting on behalf of a business entity (such as a delivery company), the Denver auto accident lawyer would bring suit against that company.

There are two important things to keep in mind when retaining the service of a Denver auto accident lawyer:

(A) Make certain you have not signed anything presented to you by an insurance company before meeting with a Denver accident attorney. In doing so, you may forfeit all your legal rights.

(B) Be sure to have all relevant documentation, or at least as much as you can obtain. This will help your Denver accident attorney to better evaluate and handle your case.

Having a qualified Denver car accident lawyer on your side can go a long way toward making sure your rights are protected and you get the compensation you deserve. In addition, an experienced Denver car accident lawyer will take your case on a contingency basis, so money is no object – you pay only if s/he wins your case.

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