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HSA for America and INSNET Team Up to Lower Medical Bills

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) July 24, 2008

HSA for America has announced that it is adding billing negotiation services to its list of benefits for members and website visitors. With INSNET individuals are given access to a service that was previously only available to insurance companies and self-funded employers. Now, Americans can save even more money to fund their HSA accounts or use for other family expenses.

“INSNET is excited about our partnership with HSA for America” says Jack Gillis, President of INSNET, LLC. “Recent years have shown tremendous growth in the HSA and High Deductible Health Plan market. As a result, individuals are paying more for their healthcare than ever before. In today’s economy individuals are looking to save money any way they can. Individuals with HSA accounts know it’s their money they’re spending, not the insurance companies.”

Since 1985 Insurance Negotiating Service (INS) has assisted insurance companies and self-funded employers save millions of dollars by negotiating medical claims. INSNET brings the knowledge and resources of Insurance Negotiating Service to individuals and helps them reduce their healthcare expenses.

Having a patient advocate to help individuals compare prices for medical expenses will allow them to save more money each year. This will also help to raise the competition in the market, which will result in lower medical rates and better health care for all. The idea of this process is similar to any shopping individuals do – when buying a car or house, looking for the best deals is priority; the same goes for health care.

“Today’s healthcare industry is not unlike to automobile, airline and hotel industries which have several reimbursement levels based on who is paying the bill,” said Gillis. “Between private insurance, PPO networks, Medicare and Medicaid hospitals and doctors can have over 100 reimbursement rates for the same procedure. It is possible for adult twins to have the same disease, receive the same treatment from the same doctor and depending on their insurance the payment rates can easily vary.”

HSA for America is known for offering money-saving services for its members and now it is going all-out to provide the best for them.

“INSNET is pleased to be part of the money saving services that HSA for America offers its members,” added Gillis. “With their prescription drug discount card, lab discount program and supplemental accidental plan, HSA for America helps its accountholders keep more of their funds in their HSA account.”

The bill negotiation services are offered to both HSA for America members and website visitors, without interference with their current health plan. If an individual has a medical bill of $ 200 or more, they can simply sign-up and submit the claim through the INSNET Bill Negotiation page:

Bills can also be faxed or mailed in. The status of the claim can be checked anytime and discussed with a patient advocate. The amount saved ranges and can be as high as 80%, depending on the bill and services rendered. The medical expenses submitted are compared to other provider rates in the geographical area. If lower prices are found, then INSNET will contact the health provider to attempt to lower the bill. If successful the individual keeps 70% of the savings; at a special INSNET rate for HSA for America members. If a lower price couldn’t be negotiated, there is no cost for the individual.

Take advantage of these money-saving services by visiting HSA for America at: http://www.Health–Savings–


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