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Home-buying Plumbing Inspections Can Avoid Costly, Unseen Problems Before It’s Too Late

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 30, 2010

Bob Ansel, founder of Drain Solvers, a Colorado Front Range plumber and sewer repair company, has heard the story many, many times over: homebuyer opts out of a pre-purchase inspection, closes on the property, and shortly thereafter the basement floods.

While the new owners might have dreams of designer furnishings filling the rooms of this new home, what they discover the hard way is that they instead have to use their funds to pay for nightmare plumbing repairs. Potential plumbing problems aren’t evident to the naked eye, or to the untrained, says Ansel, and they can be a huge blow to the budget as well as an emotional downer when home buyers face major plumbing issues in a new home.

Ansel sees it happen regularly.

“To think they could have avoided buying a compromised property if they’d only spent the $ 360 for a thorough plumbing inspection,” he says.

Pre-purchase home inspections are not a requirement of all mortgage lenders, with one exception being FHA loans where it is a must. But Ansel recommends a full plumbing inspection as a regular part of all home-purchase processes, except for newly-built homes where the systems are brand new and most likely carry a home warranty.

“For older properties, however, a home inspection including a full plumbing inspection will save a home buyer a lot of headaches down the road,” he says. “We see some older homes where the plumbing systems, particularly the sewer lines, haven’t been updated since they were first installed in the 1910s, ‘20s or ‘30s. They are not up to current code standards and are real candidates for major failure.

“When we inspect a home, we know exactly what to look for to diagnose existing plumbing issues,” says Ansel. “When we catch the issues during the inspection, the potential buyer has money-saving options.”

Ansel says homebuyers faced with plumbing problems found in an inspection have three important choices:

    The potential buyer can insist that the plumbing repairs be made before closing.
    The potential buyer can request that the price of the home be reduced as a consideration for the plumbing repairs that are necessary.
    Or the potential buyer can walk away from the purchase and hopefully find another property that doesn’t have plumbing issues.

“Our inspections give buyers an edge,” concludes Ansel.

Ansel’s Drain Solvers handles a full slate of plumbing services, including emergencies and repairs. The firm services the entire metro Denver area, including Jefferson, Arapahoe, Douglas, Boulder, and Adams counties, as well as the northern Colorado cities of Loveland and Ft. Collins. Drain Solvers owns its own camera scopes and high-tech trenchless sewer replacement equipment. The cameras are used both in pre-home-buying inspections to evaluate the condition of the wastewater lines running from the city tap to the home, and to diagnose breaks when they happen at any time in the ownership cycle.

“Drain Solvers owns the equipment that can make quick work of emergency plumbing repairs—particularly sewer lines, otherwise known as wastewater lines,” says Ansel. The fact that Ansel and his crew of service technicians have the equipment immediately available can expedite repairs, saving the homeowner money and time.

“Drain Solvers also owns excavating equipment and does not have to subcontract to another company to dig up bad sewer lines when a break happens,” Ansel adds. “And sometimes, when trenchless repair is viable, our trenchless repair equipment can spare a new owner from having to excavate the yard or dig up a patio or driveway—big costs to replace.”

Less dramatic, but sometimes as costly are other plumbing repairs that again aren’t detected unless a thorough plumbing inspection is conducted. Not only does Ansel flush every toilet, run every faucet and shower, plus run dishwashers and washing machines through a cycle, he and his crew of certified service technicians inspect hot water heaters, water mains, and in summer months run the automatic sprinkler systems and test all exterior plumbing features.

For more information on the complete Home Inspection plumbing services from Drain Solvers, visit the web at For all plumbing needs from Drain Solvers visit, or call 24/7/365 at 303-423-1000.

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