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First FinancialÂ?s New Online Trading Service Empowers Individual Investors

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) August 10, 2004

First Financial Design, Inc. has launched a new online trading service that allows customers to be personally involved in their stock market transactions without compromising on quality or safety.

The service offers online trading for as low as $ 9.95 per trade. A unique aspect of the new service is the way it provides individual investors with access to a wealth of information and tools usually available only to professional traders and market makers. Clients can also opt for First FinancialÂ?s personalized execution of their trades.

First FinancialÂ?s online trading software provides individual investors with access to sophisticated risk management and program trading tools, including a unique Â?Trailing StopÂ? feature, which works like an intelligent and dynamic Stop Loss order.

Â?Say you buy a stock at $ 25 and want to limit your risk to a 50-cent loss,Â? explains McCulley. Â?Instead of placing a Stop Order at $ 24.50, you can place a Trailing Stop of 50 cents. If the stock falls by 50 cents in your absence, an order to sell is sent automatically,Â? he says. Â?On the other hand, if your stock rallies to $ 30, your Trailing Stop automatically gets reset to $ 29.50. If the stock starts to fall from the $ 30 level, the market order to sell is sent automatically when the price reaches $ 29.50. So, your gain is maintained even if you are not at your computer!Â?

The new online trading service supplements a wide array of services under the First Financial umbrella. With over $ 50 million under management, First Financial specializes in retirement, tax and estate planning.

With its latest offering, First Financial brings its unique brand of local, personalized service to the world of online trading. Â?Since we understand that one financial decision can effectively change a dozen more, we leave no stone unturned in identifying potential problems for our clients and creating the right solutions for them,Â? says McCulley.

By becoming one of the first financial planning companies to offer online trading services, First Financial continues its tradition of being several steps ahead of the competition. Another recent addition is a new insurance division, providing life, health and long-term health care cover and annuities.

First Financial utilizes the services of an in-house insurance specialist, Janie Meyers, as well as those of customer-care executive Jan Smith. The company also has on tap a wide network of expert planners, attorneys and CPAs to help solve specialized problems for its clients.

About First Financial Design, Inc.

First Financial Design, Inc. is a financial planning company offering full services in financial planning including retirement plans design and online trading. First Financial specializes in retirement and tax planning and currently has over $ 50 million under management.

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