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Are you for a professional Denver Painting Contractor to paint the interior or exterior of your house?

Before you hire ANYBODY – Read this entire communication! It contains important details that will

save you cash – time – stress and even a painful drawn out law suit when hiring a Denver Painting Contractor!

Now that being said – Let me start with a painful story…This story is about a manI know by the name

of “Jimmy”. (I can’t tell you his last name).

Jimmy was searching for a Denver Painting Contractor to paint his home in Parker Co. Just like you are doing right now — he searched craigslist – google- and even the Yellow Pages.

Jimmy was showed by his dad to always get 3 estimates when hiring a Contractor of any type – so that’s what he did.

Jimmy arranged 3 meetings for Denver Painting Contractors to come to his home and give him estimates for his exterior painting project.

The first Denver Painter arrives – It was an middle-aged man that looked to be in his mid 50′s he pulled up in an old pick up truck that leaked oil all over Jimmy clean drive way. He  reeked like cigarette smoke – and wore  old coveralls with the blue and grey stripes, they were covered with paint. He looked like he hadn’t shaved in a week and didn’t bother to comb his greasy hair for the appointment!

Jimmy could’t help but to notice that the man was short a few teeth in the the front of his mouth, but that did not keep him from smiling!

The man left his bid behind, and told Jimmy to call him when he was done with all of the estimates. Jimmy

was not sure, because the painter did not carry ANY insurance! And told Jimmy he would not do any work without a minimum of 50% deposit to cover materials and some labor for his Painters!

The next Denver Painting Contractor arrived about an hour later – Jimmy was shocked – This Denver Painting Contractor was overly aggressive and used high

pressure tactics to try and force Jimmy to buy right NOW! This man was from a very big Denver Painting Contractor. He did not  listen to anything Jimmy had to say – rather he TOLD Jimmy what he needed to do..and told Jimmy all about him and his company – he pressured Jimmy really hard – and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer! He made Jimmy feel really stupid for not hiring him right there on the spot! Jimmy asked him to leave and never return!

The last Denver Painting Contractor arrived – and guess what…It was a Five Star Painting

Contractor. Jimmy was relaxed because The Five Star Painting Contractor spent time and listened to Jimmy, then spent more time to explain in great detail the whole process – and how each step is so important! The Five Star Rep

was dressed professionally and showed proof of workman’s comp insurance and Jimmy did not even have to ask to see it.

Jimmy almost fainted when the Five Star Bid was a little bit lower than the high pressure Estimator and just a hair higher than the man with the beat up truck! Jimmy couldn’t believe that by going with Five Star he would receive:

<> Professional Painters – That show up on schedule and respect yourhome and keep everything neat and clean!

<> An Iron Clad Painting Bid – A Five Star bid doesn’t move unless you add more areas to be painted – What you are quoted is THE Price!

<> FREE Color Consultation – (7 Value) done by a professional Color Consultant to ensure your new paint job flows and projects an amazing look!

<> Expert Painting Prep – This step is to ensure the paint bonds to your homes surface correctly and evenly to make your paint job look it’s best and lasts the longest!

<> Premium Grade Paint Only – Your home and your Bank Account will appreciate this — premium grade paint will

helpthem both! Because Premium Grade Paint Is engineered to last, and this helps to make sure you do not have to paint again in a short period of time!

<> A Denver Painting Contractor that is completely Insured with Liability and Workman’s Comp Insurance – This is so you will sleep easy at night because you will not get sued over a un-insured injury by a painter in your home.

But what Jimmy couldn’t Believe is:


That’s right you’re reading that right – Unlike the other 2 Denver Painting Contractors that wanted 1/2 of the money NOW – Five Star ONLY takes payment…AFTER…the job is done and you are 100% happy with your painting job!

So, before you hire ANY Denver Painting Contractor – Give Five Star A Call Today and get your home painted without the stress – without the typical inconvenience – at a price that works for you, and your budget!

Pick up the phone and call now – 303.353.1616 For a Free Estimate – You won’t get a high pressure sales person in your home – and if you don’t like us – just tell me, and I won’t bother you again! But don’t settle for a second rate painting job – Call Today and schedule your complimentary Iron Clad Painting Estimate – 303.353.1616

Visit us online at:

P.S. – Jimmy ended up extremely happy with his Denver Painting choice and to this day  recommends Five Star to all of his friends and family!

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