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Auto injuries causes many different symptoms. Some of them are headaches, numbness, prickly feelings on the skin of your face, chest or hands, neck pain, and dizziness. It doesn’t stop there. Some of the symptoms may include poor concentration or sleeping disorder. You might have chronic anxiety or even have blurred vision or hearing loss. Sometimes, the effects of auto injures show themselves immediately but other times, the symptoms don’t occur immediately but take a day or so to develop.

While many people think of whiplash as an auto accident injury, it can occur from various other causes such as falls or sports related injuries. Your chiropractor will examine you to see if you have a problem with whiplash. Whiplash comes from damage to the soft tissue or bone structure. While many physicians only prescribe pain medication that masks the symptoms, a chiropractor treats the disorder so you don’t spend the rest of your life on pain medication.


Since the stretching rapid thrusting of the area can stretch, impinge or irritate the nerves and the spinal cord, a chiropractor has more training to deal with this type of injury than many medical doctors have. Chiropractors can offer treatment by first locating the area of stress damage and then using their techniques help heal the injured areas.

If you suffer with the injury, without help, you might find that it doesn’t heal but gets any worse. Sometimes the lack of mobility of the area due to the pain causes other problems in your spinal area. These issues can include joint disease. A chiropractor can keep your spine mobile and free from long-term stiffness, thus preventing this from occurring.

Traditional medicine often recommends treatment, which can include not only painkiller but also often surgery for injuries that cause pain for a number of years. These injuries often don’t respond to either and continue to linger leaving the patient disabled or chronically in issues.

Chiropractic intervention at any stage of the injury, but particularly at the first, can help prevent further pain. This means that a consultation with a chiropractor, immediately following a car accident is a good practice to follow. It can help prevent long years of suffering.

Chiropractic medicine offers a gentle solution to the restoration of the damaged ligaments and nerves while it helps soothe the painful muscles. This non-invasive technique helps insure that you’ll make a complete recovery. There is a well-documented history of success with chiropractic procedures after an auto accident. In fact, auto insurance companies normally recognize and pay for the treatment. You can prevent future damage or years of pain by seeking treatment from a chiropractor if you have an accident. Many of the chiropractors even help you fill out the paperwork to recover the cost of the treatment.

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