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Before going into whether a manufactured home is a better long term investment than a conventional home, let’s take a more in depth look at what a manufactured home really is. These homes are built at a factory, and sent out to different locations. Unlike a standard mobile home, these homes are placed on permanent foundations, some that even have basements, just like a ‘real’ home. With a manufactured home, you have an abundance of different floor plans to choose from, and even have several options to change things before the building is made. You can opt for a vanity bathroom instead of the standard bathroom, with two vanities, a jet tub and even a separate shower.

The sizes of these manufactured homes can be singlewide, double, triple or even two stories. You can have an attached garage, with as many car stalls as you want. The exterior can be modified to fit your needs as well. These outside of these homes have little or no resemblance to a mobile. They can have wood siding, vinyl, and even have a shingled roof. They can have decks and porches that wrap around the home, sky lighting, and numerous other features normally found just in regular homes.

Here is one of the biggest advantages in owning a manufactured home. Because they are manufactured new, you don’t have to worry about how old the plumbing and the electrical is. The wiring and pipes are built to the newest and highest standards. Appliances are also brand new, and you have a choice between a standard appliance package, or upgrading to the best energy efficient products available. Because these appliances are new, they have excellent warranties, and the home itself is warrantied.

There are things to consider when it comes to buying a manufactured home as compared to a standard home, whether it is a new construction or not. Unless you find a manufactured home that you like already on a lot with a permanent foundation, or can make some kind of land home package with the building company, these have to be purchased separately from the home. That means that even if you find a nice one for ,000 or under, buying the land, and getting someone to put in the foundation will cost extra, and may raise the overall price to more than 0,000. While these homes are new, you still have to get an inspection done.

One of the benefits of having a manufactured home is that because they are brand new, with new appliances, wiring and the like, they can be much easier to insure. If you happen to have some extra land and want to put in a manufactured home, it may be much easier to get the required building permits than with a new construction from scratch. All of these factors and more are what you need to take into consideration when deciding if a manufactured home is a good investment for you.

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