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Americans Are Saving Thousands Each Year On Medical Expenses

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) July 15, 2008

Now more than ever, Americans need a solution to their health care dilemmas. There are about 40 million people uninsured in the States and those who do have insurance are paying for coverage that is too expensive for the little benefits they receive. HSA for America has a new video that details how Health Savings Accounts can help benefit you and your family’s healthcare needs.

“To add on to these problems, rates continue to rise – including for those that have limitations and exclusions on their plans. Unless the deductibles are met, no benefits are given,” explains Wiley Long, President of HSA for America.

Health Savings Accounts offer a solution to the health care crisis in America. Those who are insured with an HSA plan get more affordable insurance, generous tax breaks, and they also benefit from health insurance protection against major medical bills.

Many also sign up for HSA plans because the money in the HSA can be used to pay for alternative medicine. Traditional health insurance plans typically restrict coverage for chiropractic, acupuncture, even dental and vision care, but with an HSA, the insured can have it all. “Many people flock to Health Savings Accounts because of their flexibility and the control they receive over their health care”, added Long.

HSA holders are able to withdraw and deposit tax-free dollars into and from the account for any medical expenses they’d wish to pay for. Most will save 40-50% with the HSA-qualified health insurance plan compared to a conventional copay plan.

The money accumulated rolls over each year and when the time for retirement comes, the account acts like an IRA, allowing you to use the tax-free money. If the account is kept after retirement, the money keeps rolling over. In a personal account, up to $ 2900 annually can be saved and $ 5800 annually can be accumulated with a family account. Individuals between 55 and 64 can save even more.

All medical/alternative treatments (besides cosmetic surgeries), medications and supplements are covered.

In depth answers are available on the HSA for America video and web site, at–Savings– The video and web site go into detail about the benefits of having an HSA and how to easily set one up.

HSA for America is one of the leading providers of health savings accounts, health reimbursement accounts, and related information for employees and small business owners across America. HSA accounts are an effective way of saving money on healthcare costs and taxes and have an investment module at the very same time. Learn more about Health Savings Accounts at our free weekly teleseminar which you can sign up for at:–savings–


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