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First FinancialÂ?s New Online Trading Service Empowers Individual Investors

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) August 10, 2004

First Financial Design, Inc. has launched a new online trading service that allows customers to be personally involved in their stock market transactions without compromising on quality or safety.

The service offers online trading for as low as $ 9.95 per trade. A unique aspect of the new service is the way it provides individual investors with access to a wealth of information and tools usually available only to professional traders and market makers. Clients can also opt for First FinancialÂ?s personalized execution of their trades.

First FinancialÂ?s online trading software provides individual investors with access to sophisticated risk management and program trading tools, including a unique Â?Trailing StopÂ? feature, which works like an intelligent and dynamic Stop Loss order.

Â?Say you buy a stock at $ 25 and want to limit your risk to a 50-cent loss,Â? explains McCulley. Â?Instead of placing a Stop Order at $ 24.50, you can place a Trailing Stop of 50 cents. If the stock falls by 50 cents in your absence, an order to sell is sent automatically,Â? he says. Â?On the other hand, if your stock rallies to $ 30, your Trailing Stop automatically gets reset to $ 29.50. If the stock starts to fall from the $ 30 level, the market order to sell is sent automatically when the price reaches $ 29.50. So, your gain is maintained even if you are not at your computer!Â?

The new online trading service supplements a wide array of services under the First Financial umbrella. With over $ 50 million under management, First Financial specializes in retirement, tax and estate planning.

With its latest offering, First Financial brings its unique brand of local, personalized service to the world of online trading. Â?Since we understand that one financial decision can effectively change a dozen more, we leave no stone unturned in identifying potential problems for our clients and creating the right solutions for them,Â? says McCulley.

By becoming one of the first financial planning companies to offer online trading services, First Financial continues its tradition of being several steps ahead of the competition. Another recent addition is a new insurance division, providing life, health and long-term health care cover and annuities.

First Financial utilizes the services of an in-house insurance specialist, Janie Meyers, as well as those of customer-care executive Jan Smith. The company also has on tap a wide network of expert planners, attorneys and CPAs to help solve specialized problems for its clients.

About First Financial Design, Inc.

First Financial Design, Inc. is a financial planning company offering full services in financial planning including retirement plans design and online trading. First Financial specializes in retirement and tax planning and currently has over $ 50 million under management.

Contact Information:

Robert Mcculley



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InsureMe Provides Tips for Online Insurance Shopping

Denver, Colo. (PRWEB) April 25, 2006

According to a recent Forrester Research study, over 28 percent of households use the Internet during the insurance shopping process. With that number on the rise, InsureMe, a leading online insurance shopping service, is highlighting Web shopping tips for consumers wishing to take care of their insurance needs online.

While premium affordability still remains on the forefront for insurance shoppers, the InsureMe company stresses the importance of considering site security, customer service ratings and financial solidity when shopping online for insurance.

Because insurance plans and requirements vary from state to state, the company recommends researching coverage options by visiting the state Department of Insurance (DOI) online, or browsing InsureMe’s informational state articles. The articles are available at

Once consumers know what kind of coverage they need, they can visit one of the many sites on the Web that allows shoppers to obtain and compare free insurance quotes. But not all sites are created equal, according to InsureMe President, Tim McTavish.

“Consumers should always verify a Web site’s security measures by looking for a ‘seal of approval’ or clickable logo from a security technology company,” states McTavish. “Highly-regarded companies are often approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and will display the BBB logo on their homepage.”

Consumers should also investigate insurance companies and agents by checking customer service ratings and financial solidity through rating companies like A.M. Best and Weiss Ratings before buying a policy.

“Many consumers underestimate the value of good customer service and proven financial strength,” says McTavish. “The most affordable insurance in the state won’t do much good if you can’t contact your agent or the company can’t pay your claim.”

As with all forms of online shopping, InsureMe advocates consumer education as the best line of defense. By verifying the security and the legitimacy of the insurance-related sites and companies, consumers can find the right insurance for the right price.

About InsureMe:

InsureMe, an Englewood, Colorado-based company, links agents nationwide with consumers shopping for insurance. The company’s professional network consists of both independent local insurance agents and representatives from national insurance partners. InsureMe has helped millions of consumers find insurance coverage, while providing thousands of insurance agents with leads nationwide. InsureMe has been recognized with the 2005 United Way Spirit of Hope award and was recently cited as one of the 25 Best Small Companies by Working Mother Magazine. For more information, visit


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With the hustle and bustle of every day life, people are too busy with their daily activities to run around from insurance company to insurance company searching for that perfect policy or getting Colorado Insurance Quotes that would fit into their budget. Not only would this be a time consuming venture, but it would be simple pointless if the individual had no idea what type of automobile insurance policy they were really looking for. This is not the best way to shop for automobile insurance, but there is a much better way to do this. In fact, there are several price comparison websites that are now available to help individual who are looking to not only compare Colorado Insurance Quotes, but to also compare the policies as well. These price comparison websites give individuals the opportunity to compare these policies side-by-side, which enable them to get a much better view at what insurance company is giving them the best offer. The need to travel around town to each insurance company is no longer necessary since individuals have the ability to get their Colorado Insurance Quotes from the privacy of their own home or office. Locating an insurance company within your local area through one of these pricing comparison sites will not be that difficult. This is especially true if you select an insurance company who is rather well known. Too many times, individuals take the cheap way out and go with an insurance company who offers them cheap premiums. The major problem with this is that if these insurance companies are not well known, then they may also not be legitimate. There are many individuals who run scams in the most particular ways and this is only one of them. People will pay for their premiums with credit cards to a company that does not exist, while not only risking their safety for identity theft, but also losing their money paying on insurance premiums that do not exist. When using a pricing comparison website be sure the information the website is getting is accurate by checking them out first. You can also check out the insurance companies with the Better Business Bureau at their on-line website. Getting an on-line Colorado Insurance Quote does not have to a hassle if the individual takes precautions and knows what they are doing. Just because an insurance company is offering the best price on an insurance premium does not necessary make it the best price. When searching for Colorado Insurance Quotes while having a child to add to your policy can be quite nerve racking. A child under the age of twenty-four is going to make your premiums be higher than they normal would, because this happens to be the age group that have the most car accidents. As a parent, that definitely does not make you feel comfortable, but it does explain the higher premium cost. Colorado Insurance Rates will vary depending on the discounts that an individual may qualify for. For instance, if an individual lives in an area that have a low percentage of crime rate, then they might possible qualify for a discount since their neighborhood would be considered safe and there would be a lot less fewer costs for the insurance company. Individuals need to see what discounts they qualify for prior to purchasing their automobile insurance. For more information visit:

At we know that getting a quality Colorado Insurance Quote can mean the difference of getting a good or bad deal on Colorado Insurance. Which is why we here at Colorado Insurance Quote have teamed up with major insurance carriers and agents that will offer consumers up to five competitive Colorado Insurance Quotes.

Article from

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ProSchools Helps Mortgage Brokers Beat Deadline With Online Courses

Portland, OR (PRWEB) December 3, 2008

ProSchools, a national provider of mortgage education, has received approval in Colorado to offer the required mortgage education. All mortgage brokers who currently maintain a Colorado mortgage broker’s license must complete 40 hours of licensing education and pass a two-part exam by January 1, 2009.

New Colorado mortgage broker applicants are required by Colorado law to complete the approved education and pass the two-part state exam prior to applying for a mortgage broker license. The Colorado Division of Real Estate regulates the licensing of mortgage brokers.

ProSchools’ comprehensive mortgage course is designed to meet Colorado’s education requirement and includes an exam prep. The 40-hour course covers the mandated Colorado Mortgage Residential Mortgage Lending, Colorado Mortgage Lending Laws and Rules, and Colorado Mortgage Lending Business and Trade Practices.

PSI, a national testing provider, will administer and grade the Colorado mortgage broker license exam. The exam totals 100 questions, 60 State & Federal Laws and 40 Mortgage Lending Basics. Applicants contact PSI to schedule their exam.

“ProSchools’ course is designed to meet the 40-hour education requirement and includes an exam prep to help people pass the state exam,” says Deanne Gillock, Regulatory Director for ProSchools. “More and more states like Colorado require education for mortgage brokers in an effort to combat mortgage fraud. ProSchools is committed to helping Colorado mortgage professionals meet the new regulation.”

ProSchools offers online real estate education, insurance education, and mortgage lending education. A comprehensive exam prep is included with all training courses that require a state license exam.

With over 50 years experience developing real estate, insurance, and mortgage courses, ProSchools is also an approved mortgage provider in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Georgia, Maine, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and Wisconsin.

More information can be found at the ProSchools website at or by calling ProSchools at 1-800-452-4879.


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InsureMe Offers Tips for Online Health Insurance Shopping

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 21, 2006

With the nation’s uninsured at an estimated 45 million adults, InsureMe, the leading online insurance shopping service, is offering tips for using the Web to find health insurance that’s both affordable and provides sufficient coverage.

Before applying for health insurance quotes, InsureMe recommends looking into the types of health plans that are available, as well as identifying the coverages that the consumer needs from a policy, such as coverage for pre-existing or chronic conditions.

“Knowing what you need from the outset will help you find the right policy—and quicken the insurance shopping process,” says InsureMe president and former insurance agent, Tim McTavish.

Shoppers can find the health insurance information they need by visiting the InsureMe Insurance Resource Center, which contains health insurance information as it pertains to each state.

Comparing multiple policies and plan prices is also central to finding the right insurance; online insurance shopping services like now allow consumers to apply online and receive free health insurance quotes from local insurance agents. And while price is foremost on the minds of many shoppers, the company also encourages people to pay careful attention to plan coverages before selecting a policy.

“Shoppers should always make sure that a policy protects them from major medical expenses like surgery and emergency care,” adds McTavish. “Medical debt still accounts for about half of all personal bankruptcies in this country.”

While coverage of major medical expenses should be top priority when it comes to shopping for health insurance, shoppers should also identify their personal medical needs and evaluate policy coverages accordingly.

Among coverages to look for, consumers should see if a policy covers:

    Inpatient hospital services

    Office and physician visits

    Preventative care and check-ups

    Maternity and infant care

    Medical tests and x-rays

    Prescription drugs

    Mental health services

    Substance abuse treatment

    Speech and physical therapy

    Pre-existing conditions of plan members

Once a consumer has decided on a policy, it’s important to ask the agent about a “free look period.” Free look periods allow consumers to return the policy and receive a full refund if the policy doesn’t meet expectations. Depending on the state, free look periods extend from 10 to 30 days after the policy has been signed.

In addition to the Insurance Resource Center, insurance shoppers can find more information about health insurance and insurance-related topics at the InsureMe Insurance Blog, which is updated daily with insurance news and shopping tips.

About InsureMe:

InsureMe, an Englewood, Colorado-based company, links agents nationwide with consumers shopping for insurance. InsureMe desires an open dialog with customers and hosts several blogs to encourage a free flow of information about the industry and the InsureMe company. InsureMe has helped millions of consumers find insurance coverage, while providing thousands of insurance agents with leads nationwide. For more information, visit or


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Colorado Health Insurance Agency Quest Health Plans Announces Online Application and 24 Hour Quoting Service

Englewood, CO (PRWEB) October 29, 2007

Quest Health Plans, a Colorado health insurance agency, announces a new online application and 24 hour quoting service, available through their website. The online portal, which can be visited at, was created to provide a link between old fashioned personalized service and the latest technology, with the goal of giving the firm’s clients the best of both worlds. Services through the online portal are free of charge, and the firm’s association with all major providers allows Colorado residents to find the affordable health insurance they desire.

Visitors to the site using the new service fill out a short form with contact information and zip code, receive plan details, and are able to download applications or even apply online for most of Quest’s providers, including Anthem Blue Cross, Humana One, Kaiser, Aetna, and United Healthcare-Golden Rule. Clients are also able to call in and speak to one of the firm’s principals about affordable health insurance. Colorado-licensed Principals Barbara and Steve Schneiderman have decades of combined experience.

“Everybody needs health insurance,” says agency Principal Steve Schneiderman. “One of our specialties is finding affordable health insurance plans for Colorado students and recent graduates that are no longer covered under their parents’ plans.” While industry trends are indicating a rise in insurance prices, Quest Health Plans has a reputation for searching the market for a balance between the lowest price and highest quality plans.

The firm’s principals have run their own agencies for eleven years and come from backgrounds of customer service and healthcare, rather than high pressure sales. Unlike many insurance agencies, Quest is built around allowing clients to speak to an agent at their own convenience.

Schneiderman adds, “We want our clients to be able to shop at ease, choose from hundreds of offerings, and make their own decisions if they’d like. We’re only here to help find the affordable health insurance Colorado residents deserve.”

To learn more about Colorado health insurance plans, get a quote, or apply online today, visit

About Quest Health Plans:

Quest Health Plans is an insurance agency based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, offering affordable insurance plans to individuals, families, groups and businesses throughout the Denver Metro Area, as well as serving the entire state. Their low-cost insurance coverage is provided by Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare-Golden Rule, Aetna, Humana, and others. The agency offers health, life, dental, and short term health as well as long term care plans. The business is family owned and has been operating since 1996.


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Two New Online Video Sharing Web Sites Enter into a Synergetic Affiliate Relationship to Help Car Buyers and Dealers Streamline Auto Purchases

Riverside, California (PRWEB) February 12, 2007

Spokespersons for WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV and announced today that they are joining into a synergetic affiliate relationship with their two new auto-industry connected video sharing web sites, to help car buyers and car dealers streamline the car buying and selling process, utilizing state of the art video technology.

Sources say the buzz word in the industry is that the two new automotive related video sharing web site companies will take the market share rapidly.

“We chose because of their innovative online video sharing technology that offers the ability for consumers and dealers to upload videos directly to the web site,” stated Deanna Cross, president of The Spirited Maverick Media Company, LLC and creator of both web properties and WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV.

“Our National Dealership Directory dedicated to women car buyers is now open for car dealers to visit our site, click on the Dealer Directory Link and purchase a direct link to their dealership with an optional up grade for advertising and/or video. The simple purchase process is through a secure online credit card gateway check out,” stated Cross. “Working with has created an enhanced benefit for both the auto consumers and the auto dealers broadening their buying and marketing power.”

Spokesperson for commented, “We are delighted to develop this synergetic relationship with WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV.”

About is a new online video sharing web site offering the state of the art video technology needed by consumers and car dealers to easily upload videos directly to their site. Services listed in the menu section are; Classifieds, Dealer Directory, Video Section, Factories Compete, Dealer Services, Factory Recalls, Women Buyers and Advertising Info.


Established in 2004,, is the original site dedicated to women auto consumers, professionals and women who are thinking about a career in the auto industry. unites the consumer and dealer, changing the way they buy and sell cars in today’s world. Viewers have the ability to translate the site into different languages. Both .com and .tv’s motto is “EMPOWERMENT IN MOTION”. Women learn about buying and selling cars by following an easy online tutorial. The tutorial provides the consumer with the information needed to make an educated, smooth car purchase. covers topics that include; auto research, credit reports, applying for auto loans, trade in values, auto insurance, aftermarket items, negotiating, laws and regulations, how to sell cars, Internet auto sales, about the finance manager position, and more.

About WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV

WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV launched November 6th of 2006, being the first auto industry connected video sharing web site directed at women. .TV is the latest extension of Videos display shared auto experiences, autos for sale, helpful web sites online, new car models, a national dealership directory, auto news and information and more.

New online streaming video .TV shows include:

Make That Savvy Car Deal providing tips and advice on buying and selling cars

Curb Side Chat deals with solutions to common dilemmas

CARNUZ is a weekly auto news program with topics of interest to our consumers…coming soon

About Deanna Cross

Deanna Cross is the president of The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC, and the creator of and WomensAutomotiveNetwork.TV. She is certified by The Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals and a member of Women in Cable Telecommunications. A nationally recognized advocate and auto expert in training and giving advice to auto consumers and professionals, Cross has helped thousands of consumers with car purchasing and car credit in her 25 year career in automotive retail and finance. She is also fluent in Spanish.

About The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC

The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC creates Web sites that converge with television channels, broadcasting media channels, books, columns for newspapers and magazines, CDs and DVDs. Their mission is to provide entertaining educational material, helpful topics on self improvement and self confidence, motivational tools for the advancement of personal growth targeting both the individual and social groups.


Patricia Cross

Director of Public Relations

The Spirited Maverick Media Co., LLC

31500 Grape Street, Suite 3-185

Lake Elsinore, California 92532





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Bank of America Chosen as Exclusive Online Prime-Financing Lender on Kelley Blue Book’s
CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bank of America and Kelley Blue Book ( today announced that the bank has been selected as the exclusive online prime-financing lender on Kelley Blue Book’s website, With more than 17 million visits a month, is the nation’s most visited automotive information website. In addition to pricing, reviews, dealer …
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Bank of America Chosen as Exclusive Online Prime-Financing Lender on Kelley Blue Book’s
Bank of America and Kelley Blue Book today announced that the bank has been selected as the exclusive online prime-financing lender on Kelley Blue Book’s website,
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In the historic health was not much of a political income. Group inaudible sweet air reliable to eat ruddy fruits & produce that grew naturally with the use of provender fertilizers and utilized what medicines were acquirable.But today grouping ordinarily use non-organic fertilizers and use those with chemicals on them. Also one of the contributing bourgeois which affects grouping’s welfare is soiling, grouping scarcely respire impertinent air in the city. They hump to go to the mountains or the land to expel good air. Today group are decent informed and concerned virtually their health, especially when our world bang proper.

Health insurance may be real expensive yet it is also rattling significant for it deals with you and your sept’s health which could later strip to your end if it is not given scrutiny attending.Having your whole family covered in a health plan will also give you peace of mind for you know that when one of your family members gets sick,we are here with you to help.Health insurance is expensive because many of our medicines are also getting expensive. But if you are planning to get a health plan then you should first see what your budget is. You can find insurance plans that fit your budget and gives you the medical needs that suits you and your family.

Here is a list of some Health Insurance policies that provide services we offer to suits your requirements.

Individual & family plan-Health insurance can help every one of individuals and families to small business owners and Medicare beneficiaries understand the options that are their disposal to obtain insurance with our full-service agency. Better still,we offer services and free support too.

Short term medical-Short-term medical plans are intended as “gap” coverage, i.e., for people who know, with certainty, that they will have standard, long-term coverage (or coverage through an employer) at a future date.we do cover the same as per your requirements.

Medicare supplements-We also help you trough medicare supplement plans give you many choices, allowing you to tailor your plan in a way that best suits your medical needs.It covers inpatient hospital stays and many types of outpatient procedures.

Listed above are only few health care policies we provide. If you decided to buy a health insurance then we make sure that your needs will definately compliance with our services.

Active sports such as bouldering can be a great way to exercise to maintain good health. If you’re a young individual who likes to participate in sports like bouldering to stay in shape, you should take a look at the revolutionary, comprehensive individual Boulder Health Insurance solutions created by Precedent specifically for you.Denver Health Insurance offer a unique and innovative suite of individual health insurance solutions, including highly competitive qualified plans and an unparalleled “real time” application and acceptance experience.

Best of all,we have implemented easy to use online systems that allow you to obtain quotes, and even apply online – all from the comfort your home. In fact, you can view the plans of health insurance, life insurance, health insurance plans and all in one place.Well,It is important for everyone who want to live healthy to have health insurance as this can help not only prevent you and your family but will also induce them to seek out medical care if they should need it.with the help of the information which we have provided in our website to potect you your family too.

Hiahealthquotes is one of the best resources for those who are just looking for health insurance plans. our goal is to povide Boulder Health Insurance and Denver Health Insurance . For more information you can contact us on

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Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 7, 2008

Founded by Colorado Springs entrepreneurs, has launched a consumer-advocacy Web site that gives customers free, fast, accurate quotes on auto insurance, while ensuring privacy from calls and emails by insurance agents. Unlike other insurance Web sites, the highly interactive Web site gives visitors access to consumer-generated ratings of insurance carriers on several categories of service, a blog, industry e-news, tools to evaluate the relative appropriateness of policies, and instant onscreen comparisons of quotes from top, trusted carriers.

According to Chief Operating Officer Marc Berry, “As we began to research this online auto insurance quoting market, it became clear that what is offered today by our competitors is an annoying experience for the consumer, who fills out a long form, and in spite of the company’s claims, receives one or even no online quotes and is bombarded with calls and emails by unrelenting agents over the next few days. What actually happens is that the customer’s information is sold as a ‘lead’ to up to eight insurance sales agents and the onslaught of calls and emails begins.”

Because was committed to providing the best possible customer-centered experience, they teamed up with ComparisonMarket (CM), the largest online auto insurance agency in the United States. This partnership allows to provide fast, accurate, unbiased, bindable auto insurance quotes from top carriers within about 45 seconds. It effectively gives a staff of licensed agents in 47 states who can write policies, provide 24/7 customer service, offer phone support, and access to real-time quotes from over 13 national carriers, such as Progressive, Esurance, AIG and The Hartford.

To celebrate the launch of their business, is presenting an opportunity to win an Audi S4 Convertible, worth over $ 55,000. To enter, participants fill out a form (no purchase necessary) on the company website. Details are available at


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