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Health care: Citizens Call Congress Home “Listen to Our Solutions to the Health Care Crisis”

(PRWEB) April 21, 2005

Outraged American citizens from across the country are planning Citizen/Congressional Hearings in sixty cities nationwide. They are calling for their Representatives in Congress to attend these hearings and listen to their constituents address the failures of the profit-based health care system as well as spell out new and creative solutions.

Â?Our representatives need to hear what we have to say and to consider our solutions rather than those being promoted by insurance company lobbyists and drug companies.” They are scheduled for: New York City, May 14th, Riverside Church; Aliquippa, PA, May 21st; Wells, VT, May 30th, Village School; Rochester, June 1st, St. Mary’s Church; Birmingham, AL, June 13th, University of Alabama ; Boston, June 28th, Fanuel Hall

Says Mae Jackson, poet and community activist from Brooklyn, “BushÂ?s proposed health savings accounts will put a larger burden on our families and increase our suffering. The so-called Â?ownershipÂ? society will continue to move more of our tax dollars into the ownership of private corporate accounts while leaving us with less healthcare and very little money for the priorities of our own families.”

WhatÂ?s new about these congressional hearings?

Marilyn Clement, National Coordinator of the Â?Campaign for a National Health Program NOW,Â? points out that, Â?For the first time in history, citizens themselves are calling for congressional hearings and not the members of congress. Â?Another striking difference is the economic, ethnic and religious diversity of those calling for these Citizen/Congressional Hearings. We all have a stake in compelling congress to end the private interest gravy train thatÂ?s costing the rest of us so much.Â?

Who is involved?

Rural and minority women, doctors and nurses, Catholic sisters, Native American tribes, Asian immigrant women, labor unions, musicians, human rights advocates, American Medical Women, former nurses, people in tiny towns and people organizing huge venues like Fanuel Hall in Boston — all are involved. Not so surprisingly, a number of business people have gotten into the act. They will be testifying to Congress because they canÂ?t sustain the rising payments to the health care industrial complex seen as a barrier to their attempts to cover themselves and their employees.

Events are Beginning:

The first event took place in St. Louis on April 1st. (See report on our website:

In Mississippi a group of community organizers, health care activists and Black farmers are planning their Congressional Hearing with Representative Bennie Thompson.

The Lincoln, Nebraska effort is being orchestrated by a musician.

In Dallas plans are afoot to have a Congressional Hearing at a local television station in conjunction with the community.

New York City volunteers plan to orchestrate a congressional tour of a critical VeteranÂ?s Hospital now threatened with closing.

Organizers from smaller rural communities such as Wells, Vermont and Aliquippa, Pennsylvania want to know if their Representatives will grant them an audience.

Tyler, Texas is another surprise organizing effort in a very conservative district.

The Nashville, TN coalition is led by a homeless advocacy group, an international labor union, and groups representing the 323,000 Tennesseans recently removed from TennCare coverage.

Three separate events are being planned in New Jersey by Health Care for All.

The Detroit hearing is being organized by labor leaders and community organizations.

The Cleveland hearing will be led by a PNHP medical professor and the head of Health Ministries for the United Church of Christ.

Hearings are planned in four Colorado cities: Pueblo, Alamosa, Denver and Fort Collins.

Kentucky organizers are first holding a dozen county hearings all over the state in preparation for their state hearing.

Chicago, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas will hold hearings later in the year or early in 2006.

What is causing this uprising?

“We’ve had enough,” says Jackson. “We cannot continue to sustain these attacks, profit-taking from our pockets, cutbacks of services, personal bankruptcies, unnecessary pain and deathÂ?”

These ad hoc Citizen/Congressional Hearings were first proposed in a December mass-emailing from Â?The Campaign for a National Health Program NOW!Â? The response from across the country was enthusiastic and has quickly led to the flurry of activity outlined above.

“We expect a lot more of these hearings between now and the 2006 Congressional elections,” said Marilyn Clement in a recent interview. “The citizens will be watching to see if our Representatives respond to us or whether they will continue business as usual.”

For more information:

The Campaign for the National Health Program Now

339 LAFAYETTE, NYC 10012


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Capmark Arranges $ 6,750,000 to Refinance Three Manufactured Home Communities in Colorado and Indiana

Birmingham, AL (Vocus) December 23, 2008

Capmark Finance Inc. (Capmark Finance) arranged $ 6,750,000 in fixed-rate, permanent financing for the owners of three “all-age” manufactured home communities in Colorado and Indiana. The 75-percent LTV loans each feature a 7.125 percent fixed rate and a 10-year term with a 30-year amortization.

North College Mobile Home Community, refinanced for $ 3,800,000, is located on approximately 32.59 acres at 1601 North College Avenue in Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado. The 320-space community was built in 1962 and consists of 277 single-wide homes and 43 multi-sectional homes. It is conveniently located within minutes of major thoroughfares and main arteries of transportation. The property also offers a clubhouse, exercise room, playground, laundry facility and RV storage area.

Valley Village Mobile Home Community, refinanced for $ 1,500,000, is located on approximately 21.65 acres at 731 Grand Avenue, Platteville, Weld County, Colorado. The 153-space community was built in 1970 and consists of 115 single-wide homes and 38 multi-sectional homes. It is conveniently located within minutes of major thoroughfares and main arteries of transportation. The property also offers a picnic area, playground, basketball court and RV storage area.

Royal Oaks Mobile Home Community, refinanced for $ 1,450,000, is located on approximately 36.09 acres at 4801 East County Road 67, Chesterfield, Madison County, Indiana. The community was built in 1970 and, with additions in 1985 and 1995, consists of 250 multi-sectional homes. In 1990 the owners added 138 self storage units. It is conveniently located within minutes of major thoroughfares and main arteries of transportation. The property also offers an office, basketball court and playground.

Vice President and Director of Capmark’s MHC Division Damon B. Reed of the Birmingham office arranged the loans through StanCorp Mortgage Investors.

About Capmark®:

Capmark is a diversified company that provides a broad range of financial services to investors in commercial real estate-related assets. Capmark has three core businesses: lending and mortgage banking, investments and funds management, and loan servicing. Capmark operates in North America, Europe and Asia.

Capmark Finance Inc., the U.S. real estate lending and mortgage banking operations of Capmark, has access to multiple capital sources and offers a full range of financing solutions and resources. Capmark Finance is a direct lender, a correspondent for insurance companies, pension funds and other capital markets conduits and one of the leading approved lenders for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD/FHA.

With a servicing portfolio of approximately $ 363.2 billion as of Sept. 30, 2008 Capmark Finance is one of the industry’s leading loan servicers.

Capmark Investments LP, the investments and funds management operation of Capmark, is an established manager of equity real estate and mortgage-related investments in the public and private markets with approximately $ 9.8 billion in investments under management as of Sept. 30, 2008.

For more information about Capmark, visit

Capmark Finance Licenses: CA: CA Dept of Corporations Finance Lender and Broker License (lending) and CA Dept of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker License #00398180 (brokering); MI: Capmark Finance Inc., Michigan Real Estate Broker, Phone 248-208-3460; NV: Capmark Finance Inc., 200 S. Virginia St., Suite 800-Office #804, Reno, NV, Phone 775-686-2490; NY: Capmark Finance Inc., New York Real Estate Broker.

©2008 Capmark Financial Group Inc. All rights reserved.

Joyce Patterson


Joyce.Patterson @



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For the past two years, home swapping has become really popular in the real estate industry. Because a large number of tourists are looking for some safe and efficient ways to spend their summer vacation without getting a big sum out of their pockets, home exchange rings a bell to everyone’s ears.

Throw away the thoughts of getting cheap accommodations and low quality bookings or abandoning your travel plans abroad because with a home exchange, you don’t need to settle for less. Not sure how to start with the home exchange process? Here’s how.

Pros Of A Home Exchange

With a home exchange, you will be able to swap your home without having to worry about travel engagements. There are websites on the internet which give details about homes qualified for a home swap. And the good new is, they can be arranged the quickest time possible.

Unlike your typical getaway, home exchange enables you to take longer breaks if you want to see more of the local destinations or make trips in the surrounding areas. That way, you can see the world for less in a more flexible manner.


Do you need a luxury property to qualify for a home exchange?

The answer is a big NO. Of course, you don’t need a mansion to qualify for a home swap. There is a wide variety of home types which you can chose from – from townhouses, to city apartments and other countryside residences. Remember that your swapping partner expects a house which suits their lifestyle so don’t expect to swap your home to something it isn’t similar of.

Is home swapping safe?

If you are schematic about your property’s safety, then maybe this is something which is just thought-provoking. So that you and your partner can be both assured that both your houses are in good hands, take time to share relevant information and have a sturdy communication via Facebook or Skype. You can also consider getting home insurance.

How to get things started?

Start your search on the internet, create an account to home exchange sites and make sure to tweak your profile the most creative way possible so you could easily attract attention from different prospects. You can describe your neighborhood and make sure that you write in details about public transport as well as local tourist spots. Once you’re done, you can talk with your partner about payment of utilities as well as car and home insurances.

Other Important Things To Consider

A few weeks before your holiday, compile necessary leaflets in a folder for your guests such as maps, tourist guides, emergency numbers and instructions on how household appliances are operated. Remember that you need to make sure to change your linens and leave your home clean and tidy to give enough space for your guests’ belongings.

Carla Buck is a professional writer from Fort Collins, Colorado specializing in foreclosures and real estate sales. If you want to know more about Fort Collins real estate and Fort Collins homes for sale, visit her website at

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Colorado Springs is in the south central of Central Colorado, 61 miles from Denver. This city is located near Pikes Peak, most famous mountain of America. Its population is around 0.42 million as per 2009 census, making it 46th costly populated city of United States of America. Colorado Springs was regarded as the “Best Place to Live” in 2009 list US’ best cities.

Getting injured in auto accidents is a part of life. Victims of any auto accident, car or Motorcycle, in Colorado Springs or any where in Colorado State need to contact a lawyer immediately for help and the injury compensation. They help obtain fair compensations for the injuries caused by rash and irresponsible driving. They assist the clients across the Colorado state which includes Denver, El Paso, Boulder, and Pueblo, Douglas county and surrounding areas of Colorado Springs. Their attorneys (Lawyers) have been assisting and helping the victims of motorcycle accidents for past 30 years. They help take the control of the situation you face by offering guidance through different insurance companies and even civil courts, if needed.

Apart from helping the victims, the Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Denver, also handles the other kinds of auto accidents which result in some serious injuries. They are – Truck Accidents, Train Accident, Bus Accident, and Bicycle accident. The injury causes pain and suffering, disrupts the usual life of the victim. The consequences of these accidents can result in disability, stress, very high medical expenditures, and long absence from office.

They stick to their job, representing the victim when it matters most and protecting their rights. Their lawyers do not go for a quick settlement with the insurance companies, which are normally in the process of favoring themselves than the victim. They will prepare a formidable lawsuit with an intention of taking the case to trial in case the proper settlement does not happen, which is a trend with most of the insurance companies. The lawyers press the insurers because they know the lawyers will not settle for anything less. Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Denver, help the victim understand his rights and they do not charge any fee unless the victim gets the compensation money.

Kenyo Richardson has years of experience of representing families and individuals who have been hurt by the negligent, reckless, or dishonest actions of others. The author name also assists the people providing them with the information on the courtroom experience and skill that can help them get the effective results.For more information visit Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Denver


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There are a number of kinds of Colorado Springs insurance policies available. However, two of the most popular ones are home and car coverage. This article will focus on the latter. Home insurance is there to cover the house if anything happens to it as a result of natural disasters, as well as fires.

The majority of plans will pay for any damage produced to the overall structure, and in some cases the possessions inside the house as well. However, special events like flooding and earthquakes are not in most regular policies, and you need to get them as add-ons to the policy if you want them covered. In addition, in many instances home insurance will pay for your short-term living arrangements in the event your home is deemed unlivable. In addition, in most instances the coverage pays for liability costs as well, should someone be injured at your house.


Despite how comprehensive they are, some people believe home insurance is not necessary. First, if you want a mortgage from a Colorado based company, you will be obligated to have this coverage. However, even if you are paying 100% of the home costs upfront, you still might want home insurance. It is not as expensive as you think, and there are things you can do to save money on Colorado Springs insurance. Here are two tips that work:

#1) Raise your credit score

It is a well-known fact that people with a higher credit score pay lower interest rate. If your score is lower, you can still get a mortgage. However, it will probably be by a subprime lender who will charge you a higher rate. If you have a good credit score, you can usually obtain financing from more traditional lenders like a bank, and thus pay a lower interest rate.

To raise your score, make sure you fix all mistakes on your credit report, as well as pay down your debt. Just make sure that you keep your credit cards open. If you pay your credit card off and close it, you just eliminated all that available credit you could have had. Lenders like people with more credit, because they are more likely to pay them back.

#2) Get fire and smoke detectors

This obviously makes it more likely that you will catch a fire in time, before it causes damage to your home. Since fires are one of the biggest threats to home insurance firms, this can really save you a lot of money.

In other words, home coverage is one of the most important kinds of Colorado Springs insurance to get. However, you do not have to break the bank to get it. Implement these two tips, and you will save money.

Please visit our website here for more information or visit our blog. Thank you.

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It is true that a second home is not going to be occupied for as long as your primary residence, but there are many ways you can make use of this empty space, one of the best is to turn into a vacation rental. Just like those that like to travel abroad and find rental properties in Europe, those that live in other countries come here just as much, and find that hotels can be just as expensive in the United States. You don’t even have to have your second home in popular areas like California, or Florida to attract visitors.

There are some pros and cons to having a second home as a rental investment. You have to make sure that the property is maintained regularly. You also have to screen those that rent the home so that someone doesn’t trash the place while they are staying there. You may have to pay extra in taxes, and you are going to have to have full coverage insurance.

One the other hand, renting your second home out on a regular basis has its advantages. One of them is that when you aren’t there, others can enjoy the home and any attractions nearby, skiing in the winter, ocean views, and many others. It can be a steady source of income for some, and can not only pay for itself, but can also help with your other monthly expenses. You don’t even have to find renters for your second home. There are many different agencies available that can get tourists in for you, and even manage the rental process completely so you don’t have to.

There are some things to consider when looking into a second home. Are you going to be able to cover mortgages on both properties, including the taxes and the insurance? Are you going to be financially able to take care of problems that might arise, such as having to fix appliances, or deal with tenants that left your home trashed. How much time are you willing to put into dealing with rental property, screening potential vacation tenants, making sure that they are keeping your home in good shape while they are a staying there, and not breaking any rules you have in place.

In the end, while a second home can be worth the investment, you have to make sure that you are financially able to balance all of these expenses. You also have to look at the location of the property as well. If you are buying your second home because you like the location, you have to consider that others may not like the same area.

To learn more great information and how to get the most out of your Fort Collins Realtor. Please contact me HERE. Fort Collins Real Estate Agent

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Are you thinking of buying a home in Denver? You owe it to yourself to consider FHA financing. Read these 8 facts and learn the benefits of FHA mortgages.

1. Many homebuyers in Denver believe that FHA loans are designed for low-income purchasers, but this is not the case. FHA loans are available to high-income as well as low-income borrowers. There is no maximum income limitation with FHA loans.

2. FHA loans are easy to obtain – if the borrower has good credit and can provide income and asset documentation.  Many Denver homebuyers suffered a job loss in the recent past, and they’ve only been working for their new employer a few months. A recent job change does not disqualify you from obtaining an FHA loan, as long as you provide full documentation, which will include current employment verification.

3. FHA loans are not only for first-time buyers. Whether this is your first or tenth home purchase, you can apply for an FHA loan.


4. Currently, the FHA loan cap is 6,250 in the Denver metro area. The FHA loan cap is 0,000 in Boulder and 2,500 in Fort Collins. That’s high enough to serve the majority of home buyers along the Front Range.
5. FHA rates vary between lenders. The FHA insures loans that meet FHA standards, but the FHA does not actually loan the money and it does not set interest rates. That’s why it’s important to work with a Denver area lender with competitive interest rates.

6. FHA loans are affordable for most homebuyers, because the FHA down payment requirement is just 3.5% of the purchase price.

If you are a first-time homebuyer who has not saved 3.5% for your down payment, you may qualify for a Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) loan, which is a second mortgage. The CHFA loan combined with an FHA loan enables you to purchase a home in Denver for ,000 down payment.

7. You can buy a condo with an FHA loan. However, FHA protects your interests by requiring condo developments to obtain FHA approval. Under rules implemented in February 2010, an entire condominium development must have current FHA approval before a buyer can purchase a unit in an association with an FHA loan.

8. FHA loans are assumable. This means that when you sell in a future year, your current loan and it’s super-low interest rate can be transferred to the new buyer.

Now, more than ever, Denver home buyers are finding the FHA loan is easy to secure with good credit and full documentation. And Sellers are discovering that purchase contracts with FHA loan prequalification is the first step to a smooth closing.

RE/MAX is a prominent name in Denver real estate, with agents specializing in working with both buyers and sellers of real estate throughout the Denver area. Visit for details about their services for homebuyers, as well as property listings and information about their service areas, like Highlands Ranch real estate [

InsureMe Provides Resources for Finding Home Insurance Insurance Shopping Service Offers Tips for Hard-To-Find Home Insurance

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 19, 2006

With the first named tropical storm under our belt, many homeowners are looking for home insurance — and some are having a difficult time finding it.

To help consumers protect themselves from this year’s high-risk weather season, InsureMe, the leading online insurance shopping service, is providing tips for finding adequate insurance protection.

While homeowners in coastal regions of the U.S. are facing dramatic premium hikes — and worse yet, a shortage of insurers taking on new business — the company urges homeowners not to give up on insuring their residence.

“Policies, especially affordable ones, can be hard to find for a lot of people right now,” says Mike Sajdak, InsureMe Chief Financial Officer. “But allows homeowners to shop online and be matched with licensed, local agents in their area who can meet their home insurance needs.”

Still, the company understands that some homeowners in particularly high-risk areas may not be considered insurable by some insurance companies. InsureMe encourages these select homeowners to take advantage of any state and federal programs that are available, such as that in Mississippi, called the Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (MWUA). Programs like the MWUA offer policies to homeowners in especially weather-prone areas, and although these last resort policies typically cost more and offer fewer coverage options, experts agree that some coverage is better than no coverage.

“Homeowners that are insured under a state plan can and should continue to shop for a home insurance policy from a private insurer,” adds Sajdak, “but having some coverage is better than nothing in the wake of a catastrophe.”

InsureMe also stresses the importance of pairing home insurance coverage with flood protection, especially for homeowners in flood-prone areas. In the recent past, there has been a common misconception that standard home insurance covered flood-related damage and loss, a lesson that many learned the hard way after the active 2005 storm season. Experts estimate that over 60 percent of damaged homes in low-lying areas of New Orleans were without flood insurance.

In most cases, flood insurance can be purchased through a licensed home insurance agent; however those in high-risk areas may have to buy a policy through state or federal programs like the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The NFIP offers a variety of flood insurance policies, including those for homeowners with lower-than-average incomes.

In addition to these tips, InsureMe provides a variety of free insurance resources for consumers. The InsureMe Insurance Resource Center contains numerous articles on multiple insurance types; the InsureMe Insurance Blog is also updated daily with insurance tips and industry news. The InsureMe Insurance Blog is part of the greater InsureMe blog network.

About InsureMe

InsureMe, an Englewood, Colorado-based company, links agents nationwide with consumers shopping for insurance. InsureMe desires an open dialog with customers and hosts several blogs to encourage free flow of information about the industry and the InsureMe company. InsureMe has helped millions of consumers find insurance coverage, while providing thousands of insurance agents with leads nationwide. For more information, visit


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(PRWEB) June 3, 2005 is helping New home owners find properties in the Metro Denver area as well as providing mortgage loan services, The free service is Designed to eliminate headaches and frustration while searching a specific area for homes, listings in the Denver Metro Area and surrounding cities such as Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and 18 other cities surrounding the Denver Metro area.” We feel that providing a free Home search is a necessity for a realtor in this day and time, Online home searching is a valuable tool to home buyers, I feel providing free access to MLS listings here in Metro Denver is important and I personally like being able to provide daily updates of new home listings through the MLS” says Karen Baumgardner. Best of all this Service is free to anyone looking to move into the Denver area. “A large percentage of people looking for homes using my website are from out of state” “I would like to stress that we have realtors that specialize in many of the surrounding cities here in the Denver metro area”. is also working with Home loan specialists to insure fast easy loan pre-qualification.

This service is directed towards providing real estate buyers and sellers with critical information related to the local real estate market. Our professional staff will assimilate information customized to meet your personal situation. We utilize a team approach in developing strategic tactics directed towards finalizing your real estate transaction. With a data base of over 30,000 Colorado properties to meet a seller or buyers needs. works with buyers who are relocating from out of state or just moving across town. We also provide Real Estate news letters that are incorporated into the site for your convenience, please visit for our free Real Estate services. Launched as a free service is looking forward to assisting clients in Making their Dream home search a pleasurable experience while providing individualized customer service.

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Everyone dreams of owning a home. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to do that. The thing is, owning a home isn’t something that happens automatically. Unless, you are born to a wealthy family, having your own home would have to mean years of blood and sweat. If you’re one of those people who would need to work hard for a living, here are some secrets on how to make this dream a reality.


Save for the monthly payment


First, estimate the amount that you’ll need to pay for the home’s cost (including the mortgage payment, property taxes, insurance and maintenance). Every month, save up this amount and put it in a money-market account. This is ideal if you are planning to buy a house within a few years. If you don’t plan to buy a home for a longer time, you can put the money in equity funds. This will enable you to know if you can afford the house while at the same time, building a down payment. Speaking of down payment, it would be a great idea to come up with at least 20 percent. This will lower down the monthly payment as well as the overall cost of the house.


Go for rent-to-own system


Some housing programs allow you to undergo a rent-to-own system. This is like paying monthly rental for a home that you’re going to use and in a few years’ time, the property will become yours. Sounds too good to be true? It is true. It actually has some drawbacks, including additional costs and more expensive overall house price. But, the fact that you’re not stressing yourself over home mortgage makes the idea good enough to consider. Also, it would feel like renting without feeling like you’re throwing your money away because, unlike  renting, this one would be yours in the future. Just make sure that you study the rudiments of the process before going about it.


Look for an affordable house


Sometimes, the reason why people cannot buy a home is that they don’t look hard enough to find a home that they can actually afford. Some people, on the other hand, just wouldn’t settle for less. For them, if it’s not going to be a mansion, they’d rather not buy the property. But if you lower  your expectations and scour the market, you can actually find a house that is priced within your means. Online, you can find various home finder tools that will let you browse through the current available houses for sale in the market today. You’ll be surprised to find that, by just tightening your belt a little, you can indeed make a move to purchase one of these. Colorado real estate such as Fort Collins real estate are some of the locations you can start with. As you know, Colorado is a top state in the country, being progressive and educated. It’s one of the best places to raise a family that wouldn’t cause you to bust your entire life’s savings.

For more information about Colorado real estate and Fort Collins real estate, please visit us online.

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