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Auto accidents are an all-too common occurrence.  Many people commute back and forth to work each weekday, and traffic can become fraught with peril as drivers become impatient and speed or practice other illegal and dangerous driving tactics.  As a result of their negligence, you might have become the victim in an auto accident that was no fault of your own.  When it comes time to deal with the health and auto insurance claims that you will undoubtedly have, you will want to consult with a Denver car accident lawyer.  Your Denver auto accident attorney can work on your behalf so that you end up with fair compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Many seasoned Denver car accident lawyers offer two financial benefits to people who might be facing large medical bills.  They are a free initial consultation and the Denver car accident attorney’s willingness to work on a contingency-fee basis.  The free consult with a Denver car accident attorney will give you the information you need in order for you to determine if you could win your claim in court, if need be.  A Denver car accident lawyer might also offer contingency-fee payment for services.  This means that if your Denver auto accident attorney wins your case, then he or she will be paid at an agreed upon percentage of the compensation you are awarded.  Denver car accident attorneys who lose their contingency-fee cases receive no compensation from you.

It is safe to assume that if you are in a position where you expect an insurance company to pay you for damages due to a car accident, you likely will find that they will not do so willingly, due to corporation’s main goal of increasing their profits.  An experienced Denver car accident attorney will have a clear understanding of how insurance companies operate, and your Denver car accident attorney will come up with a plan for achieving your compensation needs.

Denver car accident lawyers will need a bit of help from you.  If you can provide the Denver auto accident attorney with the accident report that was filed by police as well as your medical bills that outline the costs you have incurred, your Denver car accident lawyer will have two major pieces of the information needed to come up with a fair compensation package for you.  

If you have sustained injuries in an auto accident, it is too big a case to handle on your own.  Denver car accident lawyers will work hard to see to it that you receive adequate compensation for lost wages, medical bills, as well as pain and suffering caused by the accident.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about denver car accident attorneys.

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Basically Denver Car Accident Attorney helps the people who are the victims of car accidents and lost their loving person’s life in the accident. They need legal help for recovering their claim due to car accident. Because it is legal practice for one who meets with a car accident should get right compensation along with medical services. Denver ca accident attorney helps you to get claim from the guilty persons or party.

Denver Car Accident Attorney is giving you a free service regarding car accident. Actually they have an all time opened phone to give suggestion to the car accident victims at free of costs. You can visit their website and you will find there the contact form and you have to fill it up. The Denver lawyer team will soon contact you for further proceedings.

Denver Car Accident Attorney is there for providing service on car accident case. They fight for the claim of the people who met a car accident and seeks compensation. Actually they are much experienced attorney to give you support on the insurance matter. They are experienced to deal with the insurance companies. Actually insurance companies have a practice to find the fault of the victim and take him ineligible for the claims. The lawyer makes them agree to provide the victim with claim. They provide investigation for the accident and build the case against the guilty party after identifying them.

Several car accidents in Denver take place due to negligence and reckless driving. As a result people and their loving persons become the victims of car accidents. Denver Car Accident Attorney is helping the victims to identify the guilty persons, build up the case for the accident, get the compensation and claim from the guilty parties as well as insurance companies. They are not taking any fees until they get the compensation. After getting the claim they charging a percentage of the claim as their service charge.

Alissa Adie provides free personal injury case evaluations to those who have suffered an injury and feel they have a personal injury claim. He is an expert in providing the information on various skilled and highly experienced personal injury lawyers, To visit for, Denver Car Accident Attorney.

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Insurance Industry Report Shows Need For Safer Driving Habits, Lexington Attorney Says

Frank Jenkins

Lexington, Kentucky (PRWEB) October 1, 2010

Driver negligence has likely caused Lexington to make a significant drop in the latest “AllState America’s Best Drivers Report,” Lexington personal injury lawyer Frank Jenkins says.

The list, now in its sixth year, uses AllState data to rank cities in terms of how many years their drivers are likely to go without an automobile accident. Lexington ranked No. 7 on the list in 2009 but fell to No. 22 in 2010.

“The majority of motor vehicle accidents that occur are due to negligence, such as speeding, driver inattention, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or failing to properly control the vehicle or to yield the right of way,” Jenkins says.

“If the frequency of car accidents has increased in the Lexington area, as this report indicates, then it simply means that we have to do a better job of educating drivers and encouraging them to follow safer driving habits.”

The “AllState America’s Best Drivers Report” is compiled by analyzing the insurance company’s claims data, according to a company press release.

According to AllState, its policies represent 11.3 percent of all U.S. car insurance policies, making the report “a realistic snapshot” of the frequency of accidents on America’s roads.

Fort Collins, Colorado, topped this year’s list. The city’s driver’s have an average of 14.5 years between car accidents, according to the report.

Lexington’s drivers go an average of 11.2 years between automobile accidents, the report says. In 2009, the average rate was 12.1 years.

The report defines an auto crash as any collision resulting in a property damage claim.

“Of course, there’s often more than property damage that occurs in motor vehicle accidents,” Jenkins says. “People can be killed or suffer permanent, debilitating emotional and physical injuries that require expensive medical treatment and cost them their ability to earn a living.”

Jenkins started out his legal career representing insurance companies. However, since 1997, his Lexington law firm, Frank Jenkins Law Office, has been dedicated to representing the injured, including those involved in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and those engaged in uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claims disputes with their insurers.

For three years in a row, Jenkins has been named Favorite Attorney in the Readers’ Choice Awards poll conducted by The Lexington Herald-Leader and

“If you believe your insurance company has wrongly denied or undervalued your claim, then we believe you should receive tough, but ethical, legal assistance,” Jenkins says.

About the Frank Jenkins Law Office

The Lexington, Ky., personal injury attorneys of the Frank Jenkins Law Office handle injury and accident cases, including motorcycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, workplace accidents, construction accidents and Social Security disability claims. For more information, contact the Frank Jenkins Law Office today at 1-800-CAR-WRECK, locally at 1-859-389-9344, or through the firm’s online contact form.

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Auto accidents are definitely not anyone’s idea of fun, and especially if you are the victim of an auto accident through no fault of your own.  If this is the case, you will want to get in touch with an experienced Denver auto accident attorney right away.  Denver car accident attorneys can help you deal with insurance companies that are in business to protect their bottom line rather than help you get what you deserve.

If you are an accident victim, you do have certain rights under the law in the state of Colorado.  These include reimbursement for your medical bills, any wages you have lost because you were in recovery and could not work, property damage including repair or replacement of your vehicle, pain and suffering, as well as any out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred because of the accident including rental car fees.  A Denver car accident attorney can help you in getting what you deserve from the insurance companies, as well as assistance with making sure your medical bills are paid properly by the insurance companies.

Working as an auto accident attorney, Denver lawyers can offer a couple of different options to make it economically feasible to hire a Denver auto accident attorney. Many Denver car accident attorneys offer a free initial consultation with the lawyer.  Because of this, it will cost you nothing to speak with an experienced Denver car accident attorney to determine the strength of your claim, as well as learn about what legal options you have available as a no-fault accident victim.  Another way that Denver car accident attorneys make it easier to afford their services is that several work on a contingency fee basis.  What this means is that you pay no money up front for the services provided by a Denver auto accident attorney.  Your Denver auto accident attorney will prepare your case, and will then try to get the insurance companies to settle out of court.  If unsuccessful in this pursuit, your Denver car accident attorney will proceed to take the case to court.  After the judge rules, if you lose you owe the Denver auto accident attorney no money for the services rendered, and if you win you pay an agreed-upon percentage of the claim amount.

There are two ways that you can help your auto accident attorney.  Denver accident victims can give the police report from the accident to their lawyer, as well as your medical bills from injuries sustained from the accident.  Both of these pieces of information will help your Denver car accident attorney to build your claim effectively.

Jonathon Blocker writes about–Denver car accident attorneys

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If you are involved in a car accident, the first thing you need to do is call a Denver Car Accident Attorney. Do not under any circumstances sign anything or say anything to anyone until you have taken this step; it could mean the difference between getting just compensation for your injuries and loss and getting nothing. Fortunately, retaining the services of a Denver car accident attorney will not cost you anything out-of-pocket.

Why a Denver Auto Accident Lawyer? Here was the idea: when Benjamin Franklin developed the modern American insurance industry, it was meant to protect individuals and provide them with the means to restore their losses if the worst should happen. Here’s the current sad reality: for the last thirty years during which regulations have been dismantled and oversight lacking, insurance for many predatory corporations have become nothing more than a “cash cow.” This means that insurers (many of whom are in unrelated businesses such as investment banking and mortgage lending as well) will find any legal excuse to deny claims that would cut into their precious “bottom line.” The ideal Denver auto accident lawyer is one who is familiar with how Corporate America puts the screws to ordinary citizens and knows how to fight – and win. Often, this type of

Denver personal injury lawyer has actually worked for the industry. The King of Torts It’s important to understand Denver Auto Accident Lawyer are also Denver personal injury lawyers. This is to say that in terms of the law, being the victim of an auto accident is the same as being someone who has been injured by a defective product or was mauled by someone else’s vicious dog. These types of personal injuries fall into the legal realm of torts, which is the body of law as it relates to non-criminal actions that result in injury and/or property loss due to negligence; it is the area in which a Denver personal injury lawyer specializes. The difference is that a Denver personal injury lawyer has the additional training and experience not only in dealing with the large corporate conglomerates that pass for insurance companies today, but are also knowledgeable in in motor vehicle law. It is this additional experience that maximizes your chances of getting the compensation to which you are entitled with a Denver car accident attorney. It Costs You Nothing Because Denver car accident attorneys want to see justice done, they will typically take your case on a contingency basis – meaning that his/her fee is taken as a percentage of your award. This also means that the Denver auto accident attorney receives nothing if s/he is unable to win your case. Therefore, such a Denver personal injury lawyer is very motivated to succeed on your behalf. Remember that insurers will use any excuse to escape responsibility – so be certain that you have a Denver car accident attorney on your side from the start.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about the perfect Denver Auto Accident Lawyer.

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Torts, or personal injury law, covers a broad spectrum of cases that range from product liability to dog bites – so if you are injured in a traffic accident, it’s best to call a Denver Auto Accident Attorney.

Although any qualified tort litigator could help represent your interests in court, a Denver car accident lawyer has specialized knowledge of motor vehicle law as it applies to injury cases – and often, inside knowledge of the insurance industry. This last point is no bad thing, because insurers go to great lengths to avoid paying legitimate claims, which is why its best to have a Denver auto accident attorney in your corner.

How a Denver Car Accident Attorney Can Help First of all, know this, and never forget – do not sign anything from an insurance company before your Denver auto accident attorney has examined it and discussed it with you. Otherwise, you may be signing away all your rights without even realizing it! A qualified Denver Car Accident Lawyer is trained to look at the dense and complex language in which insurance documents are written and pick it apart. There is a reason that English is the international language of business; it is because with its vast and rich vocabulary with subtle shades of meaning, English lends itself to “doublespeak” and deception better than any language on the planet. This is something of which insurance companies and Denver car accident lawyers are well aware – and often, you need to fight fire with fire. The fact is that insurance companies, like all large corporations, are not in existence to serve people. They serve themselves and their shareholders by maximizing and internalizing profits and minimizing and externalizing losses. This is why insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying claims, and why you need a qualified Denver auto accident attorney to represent you. What’s The Difference Between a “Lawyer” and an “Attorney”? You may note that we’ve used the terms “lawyer” and “attorney” interchangeably here. There is a difference, however; while the word “attorney” can be applied to anyone who has the legal right to represent your interests, a “lawyer” is someone who has a law degree and is licensed to practice. Therefore, make sure that the Denver car accident attorney who represents you is also a lawyer licensed by the State of Colorado as well.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses If you are hesitating to hire a professional Denver car accident attorney because of the prospect of paying 0 an hour, you should know that most will take you case on a contingency basis. This means that your Denver car accident attorney is paid a percentage of the amount s/he wins for you – which also means s/he is very motivated to give you the best possible representation. In addition, a qualified and reputable Denver auto accident attorney will usually offer you an initial consultation at no charge – so if you are not certain you have a case, it costs you nothing to have an evaluation of your situation by a professional Denver auto accident attorney.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about the premier Denver Auto Accident Attorney.

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We dwell in a controversial community, no denying that fact. Any gesture that goes against the preset rules and regulations of a society is considered to be a criminal act. A person who commits such a felony is referred to be a criminal. Crime is a broad term that covers anything from stealing and robbing to murdering a person. Court sets penalty sentences for a criminal in accordance to his crime. With the help of a criminal defense attorney, an individual can possible reduce the severity of a criminal sentence.

There are many types of attorneys who practice law. Some focus on taxation, some on insurance and some on property, family law and criminal law. Criminal defense lawyers need to be flexible to the ever changing laws and code of procedures. Below are some of the major advantages of employing a criminal defense attorney for your case.

1. Criminal defense lawyers are specialized in the field of criminal cases. They are capable of providing guidance in fulfilling procedures that a case demands. Lawyers specializing in this area are used to handling criminal cases. They have the expertise to analyze the outcome of a case and hence, can do everything to work the case in favor of his client.

2. Having a reputed criminal attorney can help in the termination of the case or can make the case less harsh on an individual.

3. One can confide on his lawyer completely with the case details. A criminal defense lawyer loyally fights a case in favor of his client, striving hard to achieve the best possible results out of the case.

If you are convicted of a criminal charge, you must hire a competent lawyer who can handle your case and bring you out of the mess. Even a reduced criminal penalty is helpful. Make sure you choose the right person for your case. The following pointers could be helpful in searching for a criminal defense attorney for your case.

1. You can rely on word of mouth for choosing the right attorney for your case. ask your friends and relatives who must have had an experience with criminal attorneys in past. This way you can get in touch with some reputed lawyers.

2. Contact your local bar association and try to look for criminal defense lawyers. This is a good way to get in touch with lawyers who are recommended by their peers.

3. You can search the internet for prospective attorneys for your case.

If you have been convicted of any crime, get hold of a criminal defense attorney. Boulder dwellers can contact Moorhead & Griffin, LLP for getting professional legal help when they are in a soup.

Criminal defense attorney Boulder – Moorhead and Griffin, LLP provide legal representation in criminal defense cases including DUI/DWAI & DMV, drug & narcotic charges, domestic violence, weapons charges, child abuse.

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Serious physical injuries as well as financial burden can occur in case of Slip and fall accidents. Heavy medical bills and lost wages can put a strain on your family while you try to recover from your injuries.


We at The Law Office of Edward Smith understand that slip and fall accidents change people’s lives, so we go to work immediately to protect your rights and recover the maximum amount in damages. As a former insurance company lawyer, Edward Smith knows the tactics the insurance company will try to use in an effort to minimize your recovery or to deny your claim altogether.


Edward Smith is a slips and falls attorney who serves in Boulder, Longmont, Denver region in Colorado. Common premises liability claims include the following:


* Slip and fall accidents- caused by icy sidewalks, steps, entry ways or parking lots or unmarked wet floors inside a store or business.


*  Trip and fall accidents -caused by tripping over debris on the floor of a store or business, store racks sticking out into path of the customer or tripping over a raised sidewalk.


* Falling Merchandise – such as when a heavy box falls on a customer in a store or business.


* Negligent Security- including assaults in unlit stairways or parking garages or claims involving the failure to properly screen employees.


The insurance company will likely contact you to ask you questions about your slip and fall accident and this may happen soon after the fall. They are hoping to get to you before you hire a lawyer. Their goal is to get you to say something that they can later use against you. By having The Law Office of Edward Smith on your side they will have to go through our office and your rights will be protected.


FREE IMMEDIATE CONSULTATION with slip and fall accident attorney Edward Smith on the phone or contact us to schedule a free initial consultation in person at our office, your home or your hospital room. Additionally, you can contact us directly using the message center above after hours. Initial consultations are always free, immediate and confidential.



The Law Office of Edward Smith represents personal injury victims throughout the front range area including Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, Mead, Loveland, Fort Collins, Westminster, Arvada and Superior.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident that was the result of another’s negligence then you are entitled to compensation for your injuries like brain injury, paralysis, broken bones, severe road rash or even death. Automobile accidents can have a devastating impact on the victim and the victim’s family, both physically and economically. The compensation may include medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages too. Insurance companies care not on your side. They have attorneys who do their best to make sure the insurance company pays as little as possible.



An accident victim in Longmont or Boulder can easily find the focused and experienced law firm that can minimize the stress level that comes with being injured. The law firms can maximize your family’s recovery while supporting you in this time of crisis. The injury or death of a loved one results in emotional and financial strain. The law firm of Edward Smith fights hard to recover all of the damages you are entitled to under Colorado law.  The Longmont or Boulder auto accident attorneys work hard intelligently to assist for you and your family and to reduce your anxiety while aggressively pursue wage loss, medical bills and all other damages you have been entitled.



The law firm has enough experience serving in Boulder, Longmont, Frederick, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Loveland, Broomfield, Ft. Lupton, Denver and Berthoud, Colorado. Whether you were injured in a car accident, motorcycle, pedestrian or a truck accident, they can extend their legal help to you.  At The Law Office of Edward Smith the Colorado auto accident attorneys are keenly involved with every factor of their client’s automobile accident cases. They evaluate what medical benefits are available and work with both the client and the various insurance companies to effectively coordinate medical benefits. They work to reduce the stress levels of their clients. Their ultimate goal is to see to it that their clients recover everything they are entitled while dealing with the client in a caring, compassionate manner.



The Law Office of Edward Smith handles the following cases:


* Automobile Accidents

* Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims

* Motorcycle Accidents

* Trucking Accidents

* Bicycle Accidents

* Pedestrian Accidents


* Wrongful Death

* Slips and fall

* Workers’ Compensation



If you are in Boulder, Longmont, Frederick, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Loveland, Broomfield, Ft. Lupton, Nederland, Estes Park, Denver or Colorado then you get free immediate consultation from the Automobile Accidents Attorneys. You can contact them to schedule a free initial consultation in person at our office, your home or your hospital room. Their attorneys are committed to offer the best representation you need for your personal injury and automobile accidents cases.

The Law Office of Edward Smith represent personal injury victims throughout the state of Colorado including Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Frederick, Firestone, Dacono, Mead, Loveland, Fort Collins, Westminster, Arvada and Superior, as well as other areas.

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