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JACK CANFIELD LIVE- ONE NIGHT ONLY WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA NOVEMBER 3rd, 2006 7:00 PM Jack Canifield Live – One Night Only Westlake Village, CA November 3 7:00

Westlake, Ca. (PRWEB) October 22, 2006

In a limited engagement for one night only, founder and co-author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and world renowned motivational speaker, Jack Canfield will impart over 30 years worth of knowledge from his experiences around the globe with high achievers as he shares their beliefs and techniques from his current best seller book THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be (HarperResource; January 1, 2005; $ 24.95 Hardcover). Co-author is Thousand Oaks based marketing extraordinaire Janet Switzer.

In a two-hour speaking engagement, “Living a Limitless Life,” hosted by Conejo Valley’s Westlake Church of Religious Science (WCRS), on November 3, 2006 from 7 – 9 pm at the Hyatt Westlake, 880 South Westlake Blvd., Canfield, a leading authority on self-esteem, will uncover various universal principles for achieving the extraordinary and discuss how he applied them to his own life.

“Of the hundreds of super successful people I have interviewed for this and other books, almost every one of them told me, ‘ “I was not the most gifted or talented person in my field, but I chose to believe anything was possible. I studied, practiced and worked harder than the others, and that’s how I got to where I am,”’ Canfield writes in THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES.

THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES presents a comprehensive action plan for achieving the highest goals in every vital area of life: career, money, relationships, and personal fulfillment. Each of the 64 principles is showcased into short “how-to” chapters with real life examples.

Local event sponsors include Westlake-based Theiss Institute of Health and Fitness and DiFebo and Associates Insurance.

Tickets prices are $ 125 for VIP admission including a private reception with Jack Canfield, $ 75 Preferred seating, and $ 50 General seating. To purchase tickets or more information, please call 805.495.0105, ext 3. OR by ordering online at Ticketweb, For media inquiries, please call Capri PR & Management at 805.492.4155.

For more information on Jack Canfield and THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES, please visit or                            

About Jack Canfield:

JACK CANFIELD is a world-renowned motivational speaker, as well as the founder and coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which currently boasts over 100 titles with over 100 million copies in print in over 41 languages. The founder of Self-EsteemSeminars, he has led workshops and given talks to over one million people in every state of the United States and in 20 countries.                                                

About Westlake Church of Religious Science

Westlake Church celebrates its 43rd year in the Conejo Valley. A New Thought teaching, Religious Science, details the nature of the relationship between the power of thought and the results we produce in our lives. The teaching recommends looking at how we can direct our thoughts and beliefs to produce the experiences we desire. Dr. Sue Rubin, a Westlake resident and original founder and minister of the First Church of Religious Science, Edmonton, Alberta, has been leading the Westlake Church since 1996. Rev. Jim Lockard, formerly of Fort Lauderdale Church of Religious Science, celebrated his one year anniversary with WCRS in August. Rev. Lockard brings his dynamic wisdom, and many years of spiritual growth and inspiration to Conejo Valley. Rubin sees these teachings as a marriage of philosophy, science and religion, weaving a common thread connecting all religions.

THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES; How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

By Jack Canfield, with Janet Switzer

January 1, 2005

Price: $ 24.95 ($ 32.50 Canada)

ISBN: 0-06-059488-8

Published by: HarperResource, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

Marla Dennis

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805. 492.4155 – (office)

603.963.3084 efax

email: CapriPR

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(PRWEB) September 5, 2002

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, September 5, 2002 — Netvion Inc., a network management solutions firm, announced today that EMC Insurance Companies has selected Netvion Galileo to securely manage their Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls. The Netvion Galileo application integrates with and enables EMCÂ?s network management tool, HP OpenView Network Node Manager, to freely discover, manage, and monitor the IP network through their Cisco PIX Firewall units.

As an HP OpenView Certified Application, Netvion Galileo allows HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) to automatically ascertain the full capabilities of the Cisco PIX Firewall units EMC has in the network. Netvion Galileo also provides EMC with full management control over all critical aspects of their environment by utilizing NNM. With Netvion Galileo, Cisco PIX Firewall units are identified on the NNM maps, giving a graphical and accurate view of the managed EMC environment. Additionally, the Netvion Galileo solution helps EMCÂ?s network management team by properly interpreting the SNMP traps sent by the Cisco PIX Firewall units and then displays their severity on the OpenView event browser. This results in faster response time to address any network status changes.

Â?We are utilizing NetvionÂ?s technology to effectively discover, identify, and manage our Cisco PIX firewalls,Â? says Ken Wade, network administrator with EMC Insurance Companies. Â?Netvion Galileo seamlessly integrated into our NNM environment. The Netvion Galileo solution provides us with a secure way to manage our devices through the firewall without having to open extra conduits. Netvion Galileo enabled EMC Insurance Companies to completely manage the network while maintaining a high level of security.Â?

Network administrators may be tempted to configure their firewalls to allow NNM to discover through them by opening extra ports. However, this type of Â?home grownÂ? configuration has high risks, limited management, and is time consuming. Netvion Galileo is more secure than these types of configurations because it does not require any extra conduits or ports, and it does not expose the network to added vulnerabilities.

Â?Many NNM users have critical e-commerce resources such as web servers, mail servers, traffic shapers, and routers that require constant monitoring to ensure the availability and security of the vital services they support. As a result, companies like EMC Insurance Companies face the challenges of monitoring IP resources on both sides of the firewall,Â? says Ray Caruso, director of engineering at Netvion. Â?When possible, discovery and management through the firewall has required opening additional firewall conduits, placing discovery engines on the outside of the firewall, and/or adding complex configurations to the firewall. These solutions are troublesome, difficult to support and present high security risks. Netvion Galileo has proven successful in eliminating vulnerabilities while providing complete control over all aspects of the network.Â?

Netvion Galileo 1.3 runs on EMCÂ?s HP OpenView NNM 6.2 management station that is currently monitoring all of their Cisco Secure PIX Firewall units. Netvion Galileo 1.3 adds the capability of communicating via Secure Shell (SSH), provides network administrators with the ability to disable the Cisco PIX firewall SNMP agent, and monitors the failover firewalls. Netvion Galileo can be downloaded from the Netvion website for a free 30 day evaluation license. Visit to register and download.

Netvion, Inc. is a leading network management solutions firm, providing HP OpenView based educational products, software applications and consulting services. As an HP OpenView Portfolio Partner, NetvionÂ?s products help HP OpenView users become more successful with their network management and security tools. NetvionÂ?s professional services assist third party vendors by integrating their products into HP OpenView Network Node Manager and OpenView Operations. Information about NetvionÂ?s products and services can be found on the Web at

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(PRWEB) November 6, 2003


Fort Collins, Colorado (November 6, 2003) — Travelers in record numbers will soon be on the move through crowded airports and train and bus stations as the Holiday Season approaches. Teeming crowds provide the perfect opportunity for thieves the world over to prey on harried and distracted travelers. Car travelers also face risks from criminals who break into parked cars, steal automobiles, lure drivers into stopping on the street or along the highway, and prey on users of drive-up ATM machines. Just in time for the Holidays is a newly published book by Judith Albright that offers up-to-date advice on ways to address these and numerous other common and not so common situations. Â?How to Stay Safe and Trouble Free Wherever You TravelÂ? offers 404 ways travelers can protect themselves and prevent problems anywhere in the world.

A safe and trouble free trip begins long before the suitcases are packed. There are important actions travelers can take before leaving home that will help avoid problems while they are away from home. How they act and what they do once they reach their destination is even more important. Tourists are favorite targets for criminals because they are easy to identify, easy to distract, and are usually carrying cash and other valuables. The book, which includes observations and incidents from the authorÂ?s own experiences, addresses ways to be street smart, thwart criminals and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Other topics cover hotel safety and security, car and highway safety, safe use of ATM machines, avoiding hassles at airports and with customs officials, how to stay healthy in foreign countries, and how to find help outside the United States.

Judith Albright is a veteran world traveler whose travel industry career has spanned more than 30 years. This information in the book was compiled from her own experiences, which she combined with expert information provided by police departments, professional security advisors, insurance and credit card companies, government agencies, and savvy business and leisure travelers. The book can be purchased online at

30 -

Contact Information:

Judith Albright

970 224-4097

970 224-4113 Fax


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New SPAA Industry Study Reveals Untapped Potential within the Spa Market

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) March 19, 2005 -

A recent study conducted by Opinion Site Research for The Spa Association (SPAA) indicates strong trends among an ignored segment of the spa-going population. An overwhelming 44% of the respondents answered that spas are simply too costly. 55% of the respondents would prefer to go to a spa with a friend as compared to 35% who said they would prefer to go to a spa alone. Spa-goers are choosing domestic with 73% preferring a dayspa close to home as opposed to a destination spa or spa vacation. What will bring these spa-goers to the spa and keep them coming back? Quality of service offered was the overwhelming response with 38% listing service quality as the number one reason they would consider a spa and 46% listing service quality as the primary reason they would return to a spa.

The study also covers:

Medical Spa Preferences

Popularity of Services

Theme Preference

Homecare Purchasing Habits

Spa Amenities

Results vs. Experience

Spa Service Purchasing Habits

Packages and Gift Certificates

Hotel Spa Usage

Destination & Resort Spa Preferences

Annual and Individual Visit Spending Habits

Popularity of Spa add-on Treatments

Detailed Breakdown of Spa Visit Preferences

The SPAA Industry Study is available to purchase online for $ 95 at or by calling 970-207-4293.

The Spa Association is your one stop professional association for information, resources, education, and community in the spa industry. Moreover, SPAA offers member benefits such as free educational materials, group insurance rates, an online virtual marketplace, national directory, business tools and marketing assistance.

The Spa Association assists with consumer and professional standards, while helping vendors, spa owners and technicians run a more profitable business and enjoy robust career options. SPAA is taking the professional beauty industry to the next level with innovative strategies to make our members more successful.

Find out more about The Spa Association by going to our website at or by calling Angela Whaley, Programs Coordinator at 970-207-4293.

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CTL|Thompson Doubles Office/Lab Space to Acommodate Expanded Engineering Capabilities – Engineering firm celebrates 21 successful years in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) April 14, 2005

CTL|Thompson (CTL|T), a consulting firm specializing in geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering, and construction testing and inspection, has increased the size of its Colorado Springs office location, reflecting its growing presence in southern Colorado and expanded engineering capabilities.

Located at 5170 and 5240 Mark Dabling Blvd., CTL|T has added 5,000 square feet of office and laboratory space to its existing 10,000 square foot location. The Colorado Springs office opened in 1984 with just three employees. They now support large commercial and residential projects with more than 60 technicians, engineers and office staff.

The expanded space has allowed consolidation of the engineering services and the soils testing laboratory into one building, with field operations and the materials testing laboratory in an adjacent building.

In its 21-year history, CTL|TÂ?s Colorado Springs office has serviced more than $ 1 billion worth of construction and infrastructure improvements in the Colorado Springs area.

Notable local projects include runways at the Colorado Springs Airport, multiple projects at the Broadmoor Hotel, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and Colorado College, the Olympic Training Center, the World Arena, and the Progressive Insurance Office Campus. In the residential sector, CTL|T has acted as soils engineer for the Briargate, Meridian Ranch, Northgate, Stetson Hills and numerous other developments. Currently, the firm is providing services for the Memorial Hospital North campus, the renovations at Sky Sox Stadium, and the Science Canyon School for School District No. 20. The company has participated in an estimated 75 percent of land development and 40 percent of residential building permits in El Paso County annually.

Over the past 34 years, CTL|Thompson has built a reputable firm known regionally for its expertise in geotechnical, materials and environmental engineering and testing. CTL|T is based in Denver, Colorado, with additional offices in Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs, Fort Collins, Crested Butte and Pueblo, Colorado, and Dallas and Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit or call 719.528.8300.

Contact: Elizabeth Baugher, Freeman Wall Aiello Public Relations, 303.232.3870

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Acclaim Legal Provide Free Court Reporter Listing

Fort Collins, Colo. (PRWEB) February 5, 2006

Acclaim Legal Services, Inc., a leading provider of court reporting and litigation support software now offers a free online directory of court reporting firms. This directory will allow attorneys, insurance companies, and court reporting firms to find contacts around the United States to work with. According to Terry Etl, Acclaim Legal President, “This free listing is a way for us to help technologically advanced reporting firms market themselves across the nation. It’s hard to find a court reporter that does realtime, has a transcript repository, or can synchronize your audio and transcript together. This is the slight edge that law firms know they need when they schedule a deposition.”

The listing can be found at If a court reporting firm or litigation support company wants to add to this list they can contact us with their information and we’ll see if they are a good candidate for a free premier listing. Whatever we can do to help strong reporting agency owners and attorneys work together we will do.

“Moving from our previous DOS-based solution (StenAccount) to Acclaim Legal’s solution was one of the best decisions we’ve made. As a busy court reporting firm, we needed a Windows-based business solution that was both easy-to-implement and easy-to-use. Not only did Acclaim Legal provide the best solution for our needs, but they support their product with excellent services. And while we can’t think of anything we’d change about their product, we also know that each new update will contain well designed, useful features that help us improve our business.” – CC – Cleveland OH

Contact Terry Etl for more insights into this topic.

Direct line: 1(888) 211-8397

Other helpful information regarding the this product or service can be found at:

For More Information Contact:

Terry Etl


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The Spa Association SPAA publishes new disc on opening a spa.

(PRWEB) October 14, 2002

October 7, 2002, Fort Collins, CO Â?The Spa Association (SPAA) has just released a disc on Opening a Spa. The disc covers everything that an individual wanting to open a spa would need to know to get started:

Types of loans and obtaining a loan

Choosing a location

Writing a business plan

Assessing the market

Choosing a theme

Selecting a business model

Getting a timeline in place for the startup

The disc is Mac and IBM compatible and very simple to run. The cost of the disc is $ 95 to non-members and $ 49 to members. To order the disc, please call 970-226-6145.

Disc Excerpt:

Thinking of opening a spa but uncertain where to start? The Spa Association (SPAA) has recently released a CD entitled, Â?Opening a Spa, A Guide to Getting Started.Â? The disc contains a variety of information including methods for obtaining funding and specific loan types.

The Small Business Association (SBA) 7(a) Loan Guaranty Program, for instance, offers guarantees up to $ 750,000 or 75% of the total loan amount, whichever is less, with interest rates of 2.25-2.75% over prime. The loan amount can be used for real estate, equipment or general business purposes. The Low Doc SBA loan is a 7(a) specialty loan that offers quick processing for amounts under $ 100K. Approval based on personal credit rating and business cash flow with an easy to fill out two page application. The SBA thinks of this as a character loan with letters of reference oftentimes being all that is needed to secure the funding. To find out more about SBA funding, go to or call 1-800-U-ASK-SBA.

For private funding there are also a number of options:

Â?Installment Loans: paid back with equal monthly payments covering principal and interest.

Â?Balloon Loans: Interest is paid back over the life of the loan. The principal payment is due on the final day of the loan.

Â?Line of Credit Loans: An immediate loan offered by a businessÂ?s bank for short term emergencies and business cycle needs. Every business should have access to this type of arrangement with their bank.

The Spa Association is your one stop professional association for information, resources, education, and community in the spa industry. No other organization unites medical spas, day spas, stay spas, fitness and wellness centers. Moreover, SPAA offers member benefits such as free educational materials, group insurance rates, an online virtual marketplace, national directory, business tools and marketing assistance.

The Spa Association assists with consumer and professional standards, while helping vendors, spa owners and technicians run a more profitable business and enjoy robust career options. SPAA is taking the professional beauty industry to the next level with innovative strategies to make our members more successful. Find out more about The Spa Association by going to our website at or by calling 970-226-6145.

For More Information Contact:

Melinda Minton, Executive Director

The Spa Association

PO Box 273283

Fort Collins, CO 80527

Phone: 970-226-6145

Fax: 970-226-6627



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Texas Transmission Experts “The Transmission Shop” Soon to be the First and Only AAA Texas Approved Transmission Repair Facility

Dallas, TX (Vocus/PRWEB) January 26, 2011

With locations all over the DFW area, The Transmission Shop is the best transmission repair Garland, Lewisville and Plano TX has to offer. Through expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, the family-owned business has now achieved approval for the coveted AAA stamp of excellence. To achieve it, they were put under intense scrutiny by the long time customer advocate group. AAA inspects each facility, conducts extensive customer surveys, reviews mechanic certifications and even examines the company’s financials. Throughout the United States and Canada, only 8,000 have received a AAA approval since 1975.

Obtaining this designation was no easy task. The process takes time and digs deep into the reputation and viability of the business applying for it. To pass, the business has to score a 93% or better on every point in the inspection and on the survey. To analyze the Dallas transmission service business, AAA went and surveyed the companies transmission repair Plano, Garland and Lewisville facilities one at a time. Hundreds of customers at each location were surveyed with a detailed questionnaire. Questions range from the general “were you satisfied with your experience?” to “was the facility clean?” and “how professional and courteous was the staff?” In addition, close to 100 percent of customers surveyed verified that The Transmission Shop gave them an accurate estimate and repaired their car on time. The inspection of each facility also evaluated the cleanliness of the working and customer waiting areas. On site surveys of customers in the facility were conducted to obtain their opinion on Transmission Shop’s performance. Businesses who apply to the AAA program must meet and exceed the industry standards for education and experience, and all service specialists at The Transmission’s Shop have proper technical education and certification. Each technician is ASE and ATSG certified, which means they have received rigorous training in the latest technology, using quality diagnostic and repair procedures. As ATSG certified service professionals, the staff also has access to a technical hotline, giving them up to date information on all makes and models of cars at the push of a button. Once the facility is inspected, AAA investigators check to make sure proper insurance policies and accounting practices are in place. The insurance policy must support the business should an unforeseen accident or incident take place; without it, a sudden financial burden could cause a business to close its doors without warning. The AAA committee even conducts background checks on the business. The Transmission Shop submitted to this thorough probing with gratitude; after all, the AAA approval lets the general public know they are a trusted repair shop that will perform timely and professional auto repairs to the highest standards. The scope of work at the companies transmission repair Lewisville, Garland and Plano facilities extends beyond just transmissions however.

Collectively, the three shops also offer superior clutch repair, differential service and general auto repair service. Customers always receive a written estimate and approve all work before it is done. In addition, any mechanical repairs performed are guaranteed with a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty. Of course, the AAA discount applies at the facility as well. Although they do general auto repair, they have earned their reputation for quality and customer service by becoming the area experts on transmissions. They even offer advice on extending the life of the car’s transmission to help avoid a visit to the shop. Their tips include checking fluids on a regular basis, using the parking brake when the vehicle is in gear, paying special attention to fluid levels under stressful conditions and of course, having it checked at least twice a year. These simple tips help car owners avoid expensive repairs and are part of the reason people love coming to the company’s Garland transmission service shop. When customers do stop by for the biannual inspection of their engine and transmission, they receive a thorough diagnosis by qualified technicians. The idea is to prevent emergency situations. Each mechanic is held accountable for the work they perform. Mechanics must maintain a personal log of all work performed and all parts ordered. They do it knowing that each procedure performed is carried out to the highest standards of the industry. The Transmission Shop also offers advice on the symptoms of engine trouble to watch for. Ignore these tips and larger repairs may be imminent: On manual transmissions, have the car checked if there is difficulty shifting, a grinding noise is present or the car slips out of gear. On automatics, excessive noise or slippage, as well as a burning smell coming from the dip stick can indicate low fluids or more severe problems. Regular checkups and maintenance will prolong the life of the car.

For over twenty five years, the experts at The Transmission Shop have offered the best in Dallas transmission service and with the AAA seal of approval they now have national recognition to back it up. As a family-owned business, they have fostered a reputation of integrity throughout the Dallas, Denton, Rockwell and Collin counties, as well as the Cities of Lewisville, Plano, Garland and Christian Brothers Automotive. They perform a free electronic diagnosis and road test to each car serviced using advanced diagnostic equipment. Services are not limited to cars, but also extend to 4 wheel drive vehicles and RV’s. Their ASE certified technicians are qualified to do a variety of alterations and replacements. Shops can be found at convenient locations around the Dallas Fort Worth area. For more information, call or visit the addresses below.


Mike Adams

1403 Forest Lane

Garland, Texas 75042


Or connect with us through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!




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Health Savings Accounts Put You in Control of Your Healthcare

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) July 26, 2006

As Health Savings Accounts grow in popularity, there is growing fear among those who want to nationalize healthcare that they will not be able to put the cat back in the bag. There are already over 3 million HSA owners, and by 2010, the Treasury Department estimates as many as 45 million Americans will be covered by HSA plans. They will have billions of dollars invested to cover future medical expenses, and by then it will be politically impossible to take that benefit away.

With a high-deductible health insurance plan, money is invested tax-free into a Health Savings Account. There are different types of investments to choose from — anything from savings accounts or money market funds, to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Invested wisely, an account could accumulate over $ 500,000 by retirement. That money can be used to pay for healthcare, tax free. And best of all, it affords the freedom of choice when paying for healthcare.

If proponents of a single-payer system were to ever have their way, individuals would be at the mercy of a government bureaucrat when it comes to their healthcare. To see what this might look like, all one has to do is look at the state of health care in Canada, England, New Zealand, and the parts of Europe that have not yet abandoned single-payer systems.

Proponents of a single-payer system tend to point to Canada or England as countries that cover all their citizens with quality healthcare, while spending less money per person than the U.S. But if we look a little closer, we see that these publicly financed health insurance systems are breaking down, the quality is low, and the costs can be quite high. Here’s what Canadians have to deal with if they need medical care:

Long waits. Hundreds of Canadians go to Detroit and other U.S. cities every year for procedures like CAT scans, which they can obtain treatment in a matter of days. In Canada, the wait is typically six months. Currently 876,000 Canadians are on waiting lists for medical procedures.

Difficulty in getting life-enhancing procedures done. If a Canadian is having a heart attack, they will be treated right then. But if the surgery is considered “elective” (meaning that possible death is not eminent), the wait could be months or years. Average wait for cataract removal is 18 months. Average wait for a knee replacement is one year.

Increased risk of dying. The average Canadian waits eight weeks to see a specialist, and another nine weeks before getting treated. This is even the case with conditions that are likely to get much worse if there is any delay in treatment. For example, the median time for a mastectomy is 14 weeks, enough time for the cancer to spread to other parts of the body. In fact, 28% of those diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada die from it, while the mortality ratio in the U.S. is only 25%.

Things don’t look any better across the ocean. Each year the British National Health Service cancels 410,000 surgeries because of resource shortages. According to the London Sunday Times, there are currently over 1 million Brits awaiting elective surgery. Thomas Cook, a British travel agency, is even considering offering “sun-and-surgery” packaged trips to Indian hospitals for British citizens fed up with low standards and long waiting times for surgery.

The British and Canadian governments have the power to make healthcare “free”, but they are unable to control its costs. So the costs become longer (and potentially fatal) delays, and fewer innovations.

It’s not surprising what is happening. Universal health insurance systems always encourage over-consumption by patients, and such over-consumption always leads to financial crises. The result is inevitably broken promises about universal access and quality care. Because there are always limited resources, single-payer systems tend to overspend on primary care for the healthy, while denying more expensive specialist care to those with serious medical problems. This is because most people (voters) are healthy most of the time, and the sick and dieing are less likely to be able to organize into a political force.

What makes the United States such a great country is the “freedoms” we enjoy. Though our freedoms seem to be constantly under attack, there is still no nation in the world that has the freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of association, or the free markets that we have in the United States. As anyone who understands even a smidgen of economics knows, free markets encourage competition and innovation, which lead to lower prices and better quality.

Though the U.S. system of health care can not really be considered a “free-market”, it is certainly much more free than any single payer system. Some of the benefits we see as a result of our current healthcare system include:

U.S. medicine produces the best outcomes for virtually every patient, from premature babies to elderly cancer patients.

American companies are the chief source worldwide of new treatments and procedures which each year are used to save millions of lives.

U.S. medical training and research facilities are the best in the world.

Though Canadians might have to wait a year or two for hip replacement surgery, they can get the same operation done on their dog in less than a week. This is because veterinarians are competing for that business, finding innovative ways to deliver service more quickly and less expensively. Another example is laser eye surgery, a procedure that is rarely covered by insurance, so laser eye surgeons must compete on the basis of cost and quality. While costs for most medical procedures have been going up every year, the cost for this procedure has dropped by 80% over the past decade.

Unfortunately, U.S. healthcare policies still tend to limit competition, restrict consumer’s freedom to choose, and discourage consumers from shopping for value. Thus, there are too few choices and there has been little attention paid to price and quality of service. The answer is clearly not more government intervention, but instead letting competition and the power of the marketplace drive down prices and increase quality and access to care.

Health Savings Accounts are the Solution

There is increasing recognition that third-party health insurance payers are actually a major cause of escalating medical costs and the decline in the quality of service. The increasing adoption of HSA plans has already begun to cause greater transparency and competition in the medical marketplace. There are now physicians available by phone, medical kiosks setting up in malls, doctors that accept only cash (and charge significantly less), and others competing directly for the consumer’s healthcare dollar.

Don’t be fooled by the politicians who advocate a single-payer system, claiming their only concern is the uninsured. If a single body (such as a government bureaucracy) controls healthcare, they control one seventh of the national economy. And everywhere in the world that central control of the economy has been tried, it has been a colossal failure.

As public policy reforms centered on individual choice continue to gain wider footholds, the result will be greater prosperity, greater choice, and a better value for all. The culture of dependence and entitlement will begin to fade, as millions of individuals demand further policy reforms that will reinstate the values of freedom and personal responsibility that helped establish this great nation.

As more consumers turn to health savings accounts, the market will respond. Innovative providers will begin to compete more on price and quality of service, and those that provide the best value will get wealthy doing so. And all consumers will benefit.

By Wiley Long – President, HSA for America (–savings– HSA for America makes it easy for people to learn about and set up health savings accounts that best meet their needs at the lowest premiums available. “The Complete Consumer’s Guide to HSAs” report is also available to download.

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Health care: Citizens Call Congress Home “Listen to Our Solutions to the Health Care Crisis”

(PRWEB) April 21, 2005

Outraged American citizens from across the country are planning Citizen/Congressional Hearings in sixty cities nationwide. They are calling for their Representatives in Congress to attend these hearings and listen to their constituents address the failures of the profit-based health care system as well as spell out new and creative solutions.

Â?Our representatives need to hear what we have to say and to consider our solutions rather than those being promoted by insurance company lobbyists and drug companies.” They are scheduled for: New York City, May 14th, Riverside Church; Aliquippa, PA, May 21st; Wells, VT, May 30th, Village School; Rochester, June 1st, St. Mary’s Church; Birmingham, AL, June 13th, University of Alabama ; Boston, June 28th, Fanuel Hall

Says Mae Jackson, poet and community activist from Brooklyn, “BushÂ?s proposed health savings accounts will put a larger burden on our families and increase our suffering. The so-called Â?ownershipÂ? society will continue to move more of our tax dollars into the ownership of private corporate accounts while leaving us with less healthcare and very little money for the priorities of our own families.”

WhatÂ?s new about these congressional hearings?

Marilyn Clement, National Coordinator of the Â?Campaign for a National Health Program NOW,Â? points out that, Â?For the first time in history, citizens themselves are calling for congressional hearings and not the members of congress. Â?Another striking difference is the economic, ethnic and religious diversity of those calling for these Citizen/Congressional Hearings. We all have a stake in compelling congress to end the private interest gravy train thatÂ?s costing the rest of us so much.Â?

Who is involved?

Rural and minority women, doctors and nurses, Catholic sisters, Native American tribes, Asian immigrant women, labor unions, musicians, human rights advocates, American Medical Women, former nurses, people in tiny towns and people organizing huge venues like Fanuel Hall in Boston — all are involved. Not so surprisingly, a number of business people have gotten into the act. They will be testifying to Congress because they canÂ?t sustain the rising payments to the health care industrial complex seen as a barrier to their attempts to cover themselves and their employees.

Events are Beginning:

The first event took place in St. Louis on April 1st. (See report on our website:

In Mississippi a group of community organizers, health care activists and Black farmers are planning their Congressional Hearing with Representative Bennie Thompson.

The Lincoln, Nebraska effort is being orchestrated by a musician.

In Dallas plans are afoot to have a Congressional Hearing at a local television station in conjunction with the community.

New York City volunteers plan to orchestrate a congressional tour of a critical VeteranÂ?s Hospital now threatened with closing.

Organizers from smaller rural communities such as Wells, Vermont and Aliquippa, Pennsylvania want to know if their Representatives will grant them an audience.

Tyler, Texas is another surprise organizing effort in a very conservative district.

The Nashville, TN coalition is led by a homeless advocacy group, an international labor union, and groups representing the 323,000 Tennesseans recently removed from TennCare coverage.

Three separate events are being planned in New Jersey by Health Care for All.

The Detroit hearing is being organized by labor leaders and community organizations.

The Cleveland hearing will be led by a PNHP medical professor and the head of Health Ministries for the United Church of Christ.

Hearings are planned in four Colorado cities: Pueblo, Alamosa, Denver and Fort Collins.

Kentucky organizers are first holding a dozen county hearings all over the state in preparation for their state hearing.

Chicago, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas will hold hearings later in the year or early in 2006.

What is causing this uprising?

“We’ve had enough,” says Jackson. “We cannot continue to sustain these attacks, profit-taking from our pockets, cutbacks of services, personal bankruptcies, unnecessary pain and deathÂ?”

These ad hoc Citizen/Congressional Hearings were first proposed in a December mass-emailing from Â?The Campaign for a National Health Program NOW!Â? The response from across the country was enthusiastic and has quickly led to the flurry of activity outlined above.

“We expect a lot more of these hearings between now and the 2006 Congressional elections,” said Marilyn Clement in a recent interview. “The citizens will be watching to see if our Representatives respond to us or whether they will continue business as usual.”

For more information:

The Campaign for the National Health Program Now

339 LAFAYETTE, NYC 10012


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